Achievements in Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

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The PC port of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath introduced 20 achievements to the game, which were expanded upon in Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD.

Steam Achievements

There are 20 Steam Achievements for Stranger’s Wrath, all of them story-based. The figures for the percentage of the game’s owners who have obtained each Achievement were taken on 27 December 2011.[1]

Logo Name Description Percentage of owners
Bag Blisterz Booty.jpg Bag Blisterz Booty Bounty Blisterz Booty 82.3
Starting the Journey.jpg Starting the Journey Complete the Tutorial 53.0
Wash my hands of this mess.jpg Wash my hands of this mess Take out Filthy Hands Floyd 30.9
Clean the Water.jpg Clean the Water Take out Looten Duke 21.3
Spank that booty!.jpg Spank that booty! Take out Boilz Booty 18.0
Dumb it down.jpg Dumb it down Rescue Eugene Ius 12.4
Don't be talkin' 'bout ma mama.jpg Don’t be talkin’ ‘bout ma mama Take out Jo Mama 12.0
Go Organic.jpg Go Organic Take out Meagly McGraw 10.5
Hideout Seek.jpg Hideout Seek Take out Packrat Palooka 8.4
Mine your business!.jpg Mine your business! Take out Xplosives McGee 6.4
The Sleg Avenger.jpg The Sleg Avenger! Take out Lefty Lugnutz 6.3
You scratch my back.jpg You scratch my back Take out Elboze Freely 3.4
Who ate all the Zapflies.jpg Who ate all the Zapflies? Take out Fatty McBoomBoom 5.2
You know too much.jpg You know too much Take out D. Caste Raider 5.6
Get to Last Legs.jpg Get to ‘Last Legs’ Take a boat from Bloody Bay and survive. 4.9
Dam Sekto!.jpg Dam Sekto! Enter the Dam Facility. 4.5
Elevate yourself.jpg Elevate yourself Take out Gloktigi. 4.4
Regain that spring in your step.jpg Regain that spring in your step 0.1
Now there's two.jpg Now there’s two? Take out the two Gloktigi. 3.6
Smack down Sekto!.jpg Smack down Sekto! Defeat the corrupt Sekto. 3.6

The description for ‘Regain that spring in your step’ is missing but should read ‘Reach the Upper Dam.’.

PlayStation Network Trophies

There are 37 PSN Trophies for Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD, including the Platinum Trophy. Of these, 24 are story-based (the original 20 plus four new ones).

Story-based Trophies

Minor changes were made to the story-based achievements for Stranger HD:

  • ‘Hideout Seek’ was renamed ‘Junkyard Challenge’.
  • ‘Who ate all the Zapflies?’ was renamed ‘Too Much Fuzzle Pie’.
  • ‘Get to ‘Last Legs’’ was renamed ‘Giving a Leg Up’.
  • Apart from D. Caste Raider, the descriptions of all Trophies for defeating Outlaw Bosses were changed from beginning ‘Take out’ to beginning ‘Bounty’.
  • ‘Jo Mama’ and ‘Xplosives McGee’ were changed to ‘Jo’ Mamma’ and ‘X'plosives McGee’.
  • The description for ‘Regain that spring in your step’ was added.

All of these are Bronze Trophies except for ‘Now there’s two?’, which is Silver, and ‘Smack down Setko!’, which is Gold. There are four new story-based achievements:

Logo Name Description Type
Back in the Village.png Back in the Village Defeat the Wolvark attackers in the Native Village Silver
Slacker Clakker.png Slacker Clakker Finish the game on Easy Bronze
Stranger Danger.png Stranger Danger Finish the game on Normal Silver
Sekto Suicide.png Sekto Suicide Finish the game on Hard Gold


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