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Oddworld.com First Ten Years
Original URL: www.oddworld.com
Comments: Preserved before Oddworld.com was relaunched in 2010.
Abe A Gogo
Original URL: ?
Comments: Most of it is in Japanese
Munch On This
Original URL: www.MunchOnThis.com
Comments: Launches in appart window
Vykkers Labs
Original URL: www.VykkersLabs.com
Comments: There were three versions of it: Normal, Hacked and Restored, I could only save the two last ones
Test A Fuzzle
Original URL: www.VykkersLabs.com
Comments: There were two versions of it, I've put the one with one extra screen. To see the mail that was send click here.
Oddworld @ EAGames.co.uk
Original URL: oddworld.eagames.co.uk
Comments: Hint for the "mini game", the outlaw waits for you to shoot firs, take your time
Original URL: www.oddworld.ea.com
Comments: I tryed to save it but it's quite horrible, some links are messed up, so I made a links page
Oddworld Game
Original URL: www.OddworldGame.nl
Comments: You needed to register to play this shooter game, but I'm afraid since their server is down we can't play anymore, drop me a mail if you figure how to play it anyway. There's also a Dutch version.
Original URL: www.1029.io
Main ARG site used for the promotion of Oddworld: Soulstorm. Due to the nature of the ARG some pages changed over time. This is why there are sometimes multiple versions of the same page.
Original URL: www.MagogCartel.com
Defaced site of the Magog Cartel used in the ARG campaign promoting Oddworld: Soulstorm
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