The Oddworld Library

The Oddworld Archives

It was once the case that Oddworld fans and historians had to rely upon their own personal collection of pictures, videos and interviews to retrospect, or otherwise call upon their fellow fans. The Oddworld Archives are the solution—​a gratuitous assemblage of every piece of artwork, every designer’s diary, every trailer and even the occasional promotional website. The Archives are currently divided into four main sites:

The Oddworld Scriptures
Previously known as The Oddworld Archives, TOS is the final resting ground for old interviews, designer diaries, and other written articles. It is currently undergoing extended renovation, and is not open to the public.

The Oddworld Graphics Gallery
TOGG is the founding site of The Oddworld Archives, established by Xavier as a succesor to his Picture Request threads on the Oddworld Forums. Here you can find almost boundless galleries of conceptual artwork, computer‐rendered images, and game screenshots.

The Oddworld Cinema
The Archives’ newest exhibit is TOC, a 7 gigabyte database containing over 300 Oddworld videos, including advertisements, gameplay demonstrations, cut‐scenes, and channel idents.

The Odd Wide Web
Followers may remember these archives websites tucked away in the old Archives. Here they are again…still.