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The Oddworld Forums are an unofficial Internet message board for fans of Oddworld.


Oddworldian Forums was first created on ezboard on 11 May 2000 to accompany Oddworldian, the fansite of Sydney Cander.{ref name="FOM10"/> Fan Corner was opened on 30 June 2000 to accomodate fan fiction stories.[1] Some time between 11 and 19 July the message board was renamed Oddworld Forums.[2][3] Sydney made Abe Babe co-administrator of the Forums at the start of July in advance of her opening of Oddworld-Web.[4][5][6]

The Oddworld Forums later changed to Ultimate Bulletin Board and eventually vBulletin. It has remained on vBulletin ever since, although in times when the Forums’ server went down a temporary board was created on ezboard.



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