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Outlaws will do anything to make Moolah, just so long as it breaks the law. Found terrorising Clakker settlements in Western Mudos, these ornary brutes operate from their ramshackle hideouts, usually stolen property of the Clakkers. Typical avenues of income include charging townsfolk for “protection” or a natural resource they’ve managed to seize, selling stolen native artefacts, poaching and thieving.


Boss Outlaws have proven themselves to be more cunning than other Outlaws (a meagre feat), and now claim a gang as their own. The biggest bosses in the Mongo Riverbasin also answer to Sekto, who pays them to do his bidding. Bosses in Western Mudos include:

  • Blisterz Booty, notrious poacher
  • Filthy Hands Floyd, train robber
  • The Looten Duke, water theif
  • Boilz Booty, huntsman
  • Jo’ Mamma, excavator parent
  • Meagly McGraw, noted Opple conneseuir
  • Packrat Palooka, engineer and hacker
  • Flint “X’Plosives McGee”, obsessive compulsive digger
  • Lefty Lugnutz, Sleg poacher
  • Elboze Freely, explosive pyromaniac
  • Fatty McBoomBoom, wrastling fan
  • D. Caste Raider, hired hunter


Minions carry out their bosses’ dirty work and protect them fiercely. They come armed in various different manners:

  • Cutters

Carrying only brass blades, these tiny minions are adept at close-range combat. Cleever McMince is a Cutter.

  • Shooters

Much more trained than most Outlaws, Shooters carry a gun that doubles as a pickaxe-like melle weapon.

  • Nailers

These muscle-pumping worked-out minions wear complete body armour, including spiked brass gauntlets that pack a real punch. They are slow and lumbering but can build up enough momentum to send others flying. Nilsworth “Pokey” O’Shafster and Tiny are Nailers.

  • Mortars

Equipped with long-range, arcing mortar cannon backpacks, these Outlaws are neurotic recluses that keep far from the front line. They hate interpersonal contact and team sports, but love bodily functions. Their mortars are heat-seeking. Mortimar Bang and Shorty are Mortars.

  • Snipers

Shooters that carry sniper rifles also shoot from afar but are far more accurate in their aim.

  • Suicide Bombers

These insane minions seek the ultimate thrill and come at you laced with H4D explosives. Snapps Manic is a Suicide Bomber.

  • Cyborg Semi Auto

Fast-firing Outlaw Semi Auto have been mechanically upgraded by Packrat Palooka to give them incredible speed and strength.

  • Cyborg Flamethrowers

Built by Packrat as his premier henchmen, flamethrower-weilding robotically-enhanced Outlaws are built to be strong and mean. Gunter “Sparky” VonFahrenheiten is a Flamethrower.

  • Hunters

Snipers wearing infra-red goggles lurk in the Mongo Forest.


The Outlaws use a range of technologies in their unlawful schemes. Asides from the weaponry they buy from retailers or construct themselves, they are known to enjoy operating heavy machinary such as cranes, forklifts, bulldozers and pile drivers. The source of this technology isn’t known. Their facilities use the same lifts and mine carts that Clakkers use, and the same activator panels that both Clakkers and Wolvarks use. Some Outlaw types, typically Semi Auto and Flamethrowers, have large parts of their body removed and replaced with machinery. Packrat Palooka is known to do this to produce his premier henchmen, while Elboze Freely seems to be a fully functioning cyborg.