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Vykkers are the cruel, cold-hearted doctors and scientists of Oddworld. Almost all Vykkers are involved in research, typically animal testing. Their industrial family is called the Vykkers Conglomerate.


Sadists by nature, Vykkers love inflicting pain on other beings, and have a exceedingly low awareness of the perceptions of others. They are documented as being the only major industrial family on Oddworld not to savour Moolah itself. Instead, they see it merely as a means to fund their twisted research. The Vykkers may have developed their scientific knowledge originally to extend their own lifespans far beyond what nature intended (Vykkers can live to 120 years old), but their favourite specialised subjects today are genetic modification and vivisection.

Vykkers' love of pain also includes masochism, and yet Vykkers themselves have a very low pain tolerance: when one is introduced to suffering, he becomes a screaming coward. They retain their aversion to empathy—even their love for each other is not for companionship, but a mechanism for the preservation of their sick business practices.


Physically, Vykkers' complexions are haunting: their decrepid bodies are the result of years of life-extending surgery and drug-treatment. Crinkled skin blemished with solar lentigimes hangs loosely off a bulbous head and hollowed face, stretched to tranparency. Four spindly arms handle an array of complicated and menacing equipment and three stumpy legs are plastered with bloody stitches. Vykkers suffer from varicose veins and poor eyesight. Industrial families often joke that Vykkers give even Glukkons the heebie-jeebies.

The socialites among the Vykkers race base their system of status on body manipulation: skin grafts and limb amputations are popular among the higher classes. Vykkers who manage relations between the Conglomerate and other industrial races (cf. Headley the Auctioneer) improve their standing by dressing up in more widely acceptable ways: formal dress is a typical self-absorbing pleasure.


When Vykkers first entered the Industrial society of Oddworld, they were dismayed to find that their favourite pastime was illegal, and set about legalising animal cruelty. They established a scientific community and began serving Khanzumerz pharmaceuticals and technology, the development of which they ensured necessitated animal testing. Vykkers evolved from arborial creatures, and today they still feel comfortable at heights, hence the development of their flying vessels and floating faccilities.


Before their careers begin, Vykkers are educated by chemistry sets sent away for from comic books. While social status is determined by body manipulation, the occupation hierearchy within the Vykkers Conglomerate is not.

  • Medical Technician

The lowest grade in a Vykker's medical career.

  • Doctor

You know what one of these is.

  • Surgeon

The highest grade a medical Vykker can become.

  • Scientist

An unarmed Vykker researcher.

  • Sawbones

A Vykker weilding a sharp blade such as a Lil' Hacker.

  • Shot Doc

A Vykker armed with a gun, typically a SnUzi.