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QuikSave Even with infinite lives at your disposal, completing Abe's Exoddus is a difficult task. To aid you in your quest against the Glukkons' evil SoulStorm Brew, Oddworld Inhabitants have imbued Exoddus with a revolutionary new save feature they call QuikSave. Saving the game in the traditional sense (i.e. with a memory card) is as simple as Paramite pie. You hit the "start" to bring up the options menu. Then, you pick the "save" command and the system will take a few seconds to check your memory card. When it's done, it will offer you the options of saving the game or switching memory cards. Simply hit "save" and your progress will be written to the memory card. If you choose to stop playing, you can simply load up that saved game and continue where you left off. Where Oddworld breaks new ground is with its QuikSave feature. At any point during play, you can hit the QuikSave command to save your current position to system memory. If you die after that, you simply start from the QuikSave point. Beware, though! This feature - while super handy - can leave you trapped in an impossible situation (i.e. QuikSaving your position in the jaws of a trap, for example). But it's not that big of a deal; the thoughtful folk at Oddworld give you the option to "restart path" if this happens. Basically, this option returns you to a previous spot in the game from which you can progress in the game. This feature is a first for a PlayStation game and one of which Oddworld Inhabitants is very proud. It should dramatically increase the enjoyment factor of the gaming experience by avoiding constant repetition of the same areas.