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We get a lot of email here at that ask many of the same things. So, to cut down on the size of our inboxes and to help you get the answers you need, we've assembled this FAQ (list of frequently asked questions and their answers). Take a look at the list below ... odds are, you'll find the info you need. Q: "When is Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus for the PC coming out?"
A: It will either be out by Christmas or by early the following week.

Q: "How does Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus fit into the whole Oddworld Quintology thingee?"
A: OK, here's the dilly (if I may use the vernacular): There are going to be FIVE main games in the Quintology (hence the 'quint'). Each of these main, five games will introduce a new character. The first game in the Quintology was Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. The second game in the Quintology will be Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. In between Quintology installments, there will be so-called "bonus games." Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus in one of these bonus games. Essentially, these bonus games use a modified version of the game engine that precedes it. So Abe's Exoddus uses a modified version of the Abe's Oddysee engine; if a bonus game is made between Munch's Oddysee and the next installment of the Quintology, it will use a modified version of Munch's engine. So you see, it's not nearly as complex as it might sound at first.

Q: "What is Quintology's plot?"
A: Good things come to those who wait...that story will be revealed in the games as they're released. To find out about the story thus far, head over to Oddworld Universe and do a little poking around.

Q: "I'm stuck in (insert name of Oddworld game here) and I need help!"
A: You have several options. First, go check out the "Hints and Tips" section of the game you're having difficulty with. There, you'll find some selected tips and info on how to order the Strategy Guide from 800-610-GTIS, or through the on-line store at There's also a 900 Hint Line number of 900-CALL-2GT if you need a hint immediately !!

You can also head over to and go to your game's page. SOMETIMES (stress on the 'some'), they'll post hints, tips, and cheats over there. Just remember that cheats/hints/tips aren't their official gig, so they might have some stuff and they might not. The important thing to remember is that we here at simply don't have the time or resources to answer the countless requests we get for game help, so if you email us asking for that type of info, don't be offended if you don't receive a reply.

Q: "I want cheats for (insert name of Oddworld game here)!"
A: Same as above.

Q: "What can you tell me about Munch?"
A: "Aside from the fact that he's the character upon whom the next installment of the Quintology is based, nothing. But keep your eyes peeled on over the course of 1999 for more info as it becomes available.

Q: "Why don't you make (insert name of Oddworld game here) for the (insert name of favorite gaming console here)?"
A: The high quality art we use, in conjunction with complex Artificial Intelligence and GameSpeak, requires TONS of memory. If a gaming platform can't handle our memory requirements, we can't make games for it.

Q: "What consoles of the future (i.e. DreamCast, the next game console from Sony, Nintendo, etc.) will Oddworld games support?"
A: Too early to say.

Q: "What happened to 'Dear Lorne'?
A: His first batch of responses to user mail would have landed us in court for the duration of the Oddworld Quintology, so our wise Web Monkey decided to ax it. But never fear! We've replaced that section with "Dear Alf."

Q: "Who the heck is Alf?"
A: Alf is the proprietor of Alf's Rehab and Tea, the establishment you become familiar with during the course of Abe's Exoddus. As the owner of this place, Alf has seen just about every problem you can imagine...and has the advice to prove it!

Q: "I have a game idea. Will you look at it?"
A: For a whole bunch of legal reasons, we cant' accept unsolicited game ideas. If you want a chance to work with us, your best bet is to check out our "Jobs" page.

Q: "Why hasn't Lorne/Alf/Glenn/Damian, et. al. written back to me?
A: We get THOUSANDS of emails every week, so we obviously can't respond to them all. The only letters sent to "" that will get a response are the ones that get posted on the site. Requests for game help sent to other personnel simply can't be addressed (see the first Q in the FAQ). We need to focus our energies on responding to emails that are either site-content related or tech-related.

Q: "I'm having technical problems with (insert name of Oddworld DEMO here). Help!"
A: While we will do everything in our power to make sure that demos go up as problem-free as possible, please understand that all demos released here are unsupported betas. This means a couplea' things. First, they haven't gone through the stringent QA to which the final version of the game will be subjected. Second, we haven't hired tech support people to assist users of the demo. If you're having MAJOR issues with a demo that can be repeated, then certainly feel free to email one of the site's staff with the problem and as much info as possible. While we can't promise the problem will be fixed, we'll certainly investigate and let you know if we come to any kind of solution for you.

Q: "I'm having technical problems with (insert name of Oddworld FINAL, STORE-BOUGHT GAME here). Help!"
A: This is a definite job for GT Technical Support. Head over to and take a look'll most likely find your answer there. If not, you can email one of the helpful Tech Support Specialists.

Q: "Will there ever be an Oddworld movie?"
A: As far as a feature-length, full blown film is concerned, Oddworld plans to make all of the Quintology into full CG motion pictures. There are no other details that can be mentioned at this time except this: THINK BIG!

Q: "Will there ever be an Oddworld line of toys?"
A: There are no plans for a toy line at this time.

Q: "I think Glenn Broderick is a real jerk."
A: Join the club.

Q: "I think Online Marketing Specialist, Damian Bruno, is so money."
A: Lay off the SoulStorm Brew.

Q: "Can you send me free games?"
A: No. But you can check out Playing the Odds (scheduled to go live any day now) and take a look at some of the cool contests we're running.

Q: "Who does Abe's voice?"
A: Lorne Lanning. He also does the voices for MANY of the games' other characters. He has been seeing a therapist about this, but to date there are no signs of a cure.