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  • Published: 2005
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  • Format: Publised Online

This overview of the second region of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath was available to download from the EA Games website. We were then supplied with an updated version by Oddworld Inhabitants, and amended the document with strike‐throughs so the old version could still be read. We since lost both versions of the overviews, but retain a copy of the page we published, which is republished below.

The Article

Buzzarton - Region 2 Overview

Leaving the Vykker Surgeon's office Gizzard Gulch, Stranger's mind weighs heavy on the proposition surgery and steep price tag just presented to him. "But I need this... to survive," his own words echo in his head. The measly bounties he's been bagging just won't cut it. He needs to go big. He needs to survive. He needs to hunt the ultimate bounty.

In search of this bounty, he heads north up the dried up Mongo River riverbed, a region of big skies and even bigger bad guys. He comes to the dried riverbed lower area of the lower Mongo valley, a parched, desert terrain that fades up to skies of blush and blue. Nothing much survives here but cacti, dandelions and other heat tolerant flora. After being mistaken as a security guard, he takes Farmer Beeks' money from the Oppel Farm and heads for Located in this region is the town of Buzzarton, a dusty Clakker community. Clakkerz settled here once the river dried up and the native population dwindled due to the lack of water and fish. Venturing into this area, Stranger will encounter some of those remaining native "Grubbs" for the first time. Likewise, his presence will inevitably draw out the local ruffians, including: Nailers, Shooters, Suicide bombers, Mortars, Shooters with sniper rifles Snipers, and hopefully some bigger bounties.

Stranger will have to rely on his physical brawn to take care of the outlaws, as well as some semi-moral bartering to get a little moolah and favors along the way from the intellect-challenged Clakkerz and their multitudinous, cornbread-making cornbread-cookin', oppel eating families.

Rescue Mission: Eugene Ius

The Buzzarton Bounty store clerk tells Stranger that the Dandy Digger Gang is holding a nerdy Clakker technician hostage at the Native Temple. The town could sure use the bounty hunter's help in rescuing Eugene Ius. Professor Dimple at the General Store tells Stranger how to get to the temple. Eugene Ius is a nerdy Clakker technician, and is being held hostage at the Native Temple by the Dandy Digger Gang. Grilling Professor Dimble at the General Store, Stranger gains access to teh tunnels that lead to the Temple... He Stranger must pass through outlaw areas with huge scaffolding structures in order to reach the temple entrance and free Eugene. The scaffolding is because the outlaws are excavating the native ruins, looking for artifacts and treasure. He may not want to go out of his way to help a Clakker, but it's worth the trouble. Once Eugene is set free, he'll spill the beans about the ruins, the temple, hidden catacombs, ancient curses and the truth about what happened to the Mongo River. Rumors of wealth and a way out of the temple are confirmed through his tale. He finishes up with a perverted domino effect of clumsiness, where he sets off an explosion, trips, knocks Stranger into a hole (made by said explosion) that leads to catacombs, wherein the floor gives way, and Stranger is dropped into a native village. Frightened by the bounty hunter, the Natives run and hide hoping he doesn't steal their idol. They have every right to be scared, 'cause Stranger will indeed steal their precious idol for the moolah it's surely worth. Stranger will He'll then have to schlep it through a wild Sleg infested dump on the way back to town!

Bounty 1: Jo' Mamma

Jo' Mamma is a loudmouthed, bad mamma-jamma Outlaw boss whose hormones have gone a little off kilter. She is working with her sons on an excavation project at out in the old shipwreck area just past the sewer. Stranger relies on the hospitality of the Clakkerz employed there to get past several obstacles. He's Stranger has got to swim through the stenchy stench-ridden water, fight through packs of sewer slogs and bounty Outlaw Shooters, just to get to the shipwreck!. It's a bit like going from the frying pan into just so you can jump into the fryer as the ol' saying goes, 'cause Jo' Mamma's got a whole brood of sons protecting her while she operates her favorite piece of machinery: the pile driver. Strangers has got to defeat the rowdy, yet protective group of boys and bag their momma before returning to town.

Bounty 2: Meagly McGraw

He's got a mean case of little-man syndrome, that Meagly McGraw! He's been hiding out in the Farmer Beeks’ Opple farm, holding Farmer Beeks' daughters hostage. Should be a fun one, though, using the Opple Cider press to juice Meagley's gang. Once Stranger has reduced them to Outlaw pulp, he has to avoid getting nailed by Tiny, Meagley's own personal bodyguard who carries Meagley on his back in a mechanical backpack-like contraption. Tiny is a member of the "Nailer" class, which is characterized by huge nails protruding from their fists, and a tendency to use those nails in a most inappropriate fashion. After Stranger rescues the flock of Clakker gals form their storeroom prison, he can return to town, collect his moolah and have a chat with Eugene Ius.

Bounty 3: Pack Rat Palooka

Darn that Packrat Palooka! He done stole Eugene Ius' laptop c'puter! And he's using it to power generators for a magnetic shield! Eugene Ius can't play solitaire, check mortgage rates, and download mp3s, OR OPEN THE GATE OUT OF TOWN without his laptop! Packrat and his gang are hiding in the password protected Junkyard, but not to worry. Stranger just needs to have a few words, stranger to outlaw, mono a mono, with Scuz. Scuz is two timing, backstabbing Outlaw who will, ultimately, give Stranger the password and enable him to cross the bridge to Packrat's main hideout. For the record, it's one *#&% of a password! The password is only the first trial, though. Stranger will have to overcome Packrat's gang in order to get to the boss. A la Insane Clown Posse (can't using ICP get us in trouble?), Packrat's gang wears silly looking masks to cover what one can only imagine are sillier faces. Once Packrat and his posse, er gang, is defeated, and the magnetic shield is demagnetized, Stranger can return the laptop to Eugene and collect the bounty on Packrat's head.

Region 2 Character Bios

OUTLAW character bios

Jo Mama

  • Outlaw Class: Boss.
  • Current Occupation: Bounty Boss, Gang Mother.
  • Degree: Mistress of the Excavating Arts
  • Favorite Depilatory: Chainsaw
  • Identifying Marks: Repeated kitchen "accidents" melded oven mitt to her right hand
  • Slippers: Fuzzy
  • Face: Fuzzier
  • Favorite Pastime: Settin' on the wall, barking orders at her boys over the bullhorn

Meagly McGraw

  • Outlaw Class: Boss
  • Weapon: Wide Range Double Barreled Shotgun
  • Favorite Activity: Opple cider tasting
  • Bodyguard: "Tiny," the opple of his squinty eye
  • Hates Hearing: Go shorty, it's yer birfday!
  • Significance to Game: He's responsible for raiding the townsfolk opple farms.
  • Back-story: He is well known in Outlaw circles as an opple connoisseur. He's a fan of the Opple pie, Opple cluster, and Opple juice. Only thing is he doesn't much care for the Clakkerz that make all these treats. Meagly McGraw is a small guy, smallest in his family and he is always accompanied by is much beefier Outlaw bodyguard, aptly called Tiny.

Pack Rat Palooka

  • Outlaw Class: Boss
  • Weapon: AS-P5 Chain Loading Mortar Cannon
  • Occupation: High stakes thief
  • Pet Peeves: Dial up, broken links, tendonitis
  • Hobbies: Junkyard sculpture, online gambling
  • Significance to Game: Mr. Palooka isn't a petty thief. He went and took Eugene Ius' laptop. That might not sound like much but that laptop's got all the towns secrets in it. Now Palooka's got the power to shut down the town at his fingertips. Hopefully he knows how to work a computer.
  • Back-story: Some people enjoy the fresh scent of roses. Not Pack Rat. He loves the stinky smell of junkyard, his hide out. Its not just looten' and shooten' for him. In his spare time, between robbing the town blind, he moonlights an artist. He uses the junk in his hideout to create art, little sculptors and things, but in end he usually ends up with even more junk.


  • Outlaw Class: Would be Boss
  • Current Occupation: No good, foul mouthed, double dealin', info swappin' outlaw
  • Belly Button Contents: Lint, sewer drippins
  • Morals: Questionable at best
  • Secret Weapon: Password to the junkyard
  • Hates: Censorship, grammar
  • Back-story: He's a dirty dealing double agent who will give info about Outlaws if he thinks he will benefit, He resides in the first portion of the Sewer inside the door. Woe is the clacker that falls down there.


Minion Suicide Bomber

  • Outlaw Class: Minion
  • Weapon: H4D Explosives strapped to body
  • Specialty: Suicide Bombing
  • Favorite Saying: "If at first you don't succeed, die, die again."
  • Future Plans: No Comment
  • Significance to game: These Creepy guys get near you and blow them selves up.
  • Back-story: If you ever hear beeping coming near you fast, its time to run. Their body's laced with H4 d explosives and when all the care about is going KAABOOM! There is never a job to dangerous or risky for these little fellows. They got this crazy look in their eyes, like they'll do just about anything for a thrill, but if you ever get close enough to look in their eyes you'll probably be dead.

Minion Mortar

  • Outlaw Class: Minion
  • Weapon: Long-range arcing mortar cannon
  • Specialty: Leanching mortars
  • Enjoys: Explosive bodily functions
  • Avoids: Interpersonal contact, team sports
  • Member: Assoc. of Neurotic Antisocial Laborers
  • Significance to Game: They keep a distance but get you with mortar fire.
  • Back-story: The Mortars are recluses they only come out to fire their cannons. These guys never get to close to the battlefield; they stay away as long as possible and bombard you from a distance with mortar fire. These crazy outlaws have mortar tubes strapped to their back, which they use to bomb people at a distance. Though their bombs can hurt, it takes a while for them to reach their target.

Minion Cyborg Flame Thrower

  • Outlaw Class: Minion
  • Like: Playing with matches
  • Dislikes: Flame-retardant jammies
  • Favorite Song: Dust in the Wind
  • Favorite Foods: Charred, Cajun
  • They are Packrat Palooka's premier henchmen---cybernetic outlaws built to be stronger, meaner than the average schmoe.

Minion Nailer

  • Outlaw Class: Minion
  • Weapon: Deadly spiked brass knuckles
  • Specialty: Nailing
  • Strength: Packs more heat from nail to knuckle than you care to know about
  • Hobbies: Workin' it, workin' out
  • Dirty Little Habbit: Nail biting
  • Back-story: Scary, these guys are huge but slow. And when their swings connect with you, oh man does it hurt. They've been known to smack down anybody in their way in one punch. They're the big muscle and use intimidation to get what they want. Twice as big as other minions.


Eugene Ius (Eugene E Us.)

  • Would Name His Child: Dusty
  • Can Be Found: Diggin' stuff up, opening gates
  • Catch Phrase: Can ya dig it?
  • Latest Regret: Opting out of the extended warranty on his laptop
  • Degree: Archaeology with a minor in gate opening
  • Back-story: Eugene Ius is a nerdy Clakker that was captured byu the Dandy Digger gang for his knowledge of temple ruins/artifacts.

Professor Dimble

  • Favorite Gilligan's Island character: Mary Anna
  • Accessory He Can't Live Without: spectacles
  • Words to Live By: That belongs in a native museum!
  • Can Be Found: Repositioning his tassel, opening temple doors
  • Weakness: A little intellectual conversation and he lets strangers into the mine.
  • Back-story: The Professor was picking up supplies for his assistants who were touring the mine.

Talking to him gets the door to the temple open.

Farmer Beeks

  • Occupation: Purveyor of Farmer Beeks' Oppel Farm.
  • Favorite pastime: Shootin the suitors of his three daughters.
  • Favorite food: Oppel cider, oppel pie, oppel bread, fried oppels, oppels on a stick, waffles and oppels...
  • Hates: Fuzzles in the barn.

Suzy Ray Beeks

  • Likes: Farm hands, farm feet, and everything in between.
  • Gets: Around
  • Voted: Most popular chick on the farm
  • Trouble Since: The day she was laid
  • Favorite Pastime: Clucking
  • Specialty: Makes a mean cornbread.


Class: Workers

Dependent to the river, these indigenous folk are kind in heart and generous in spirit. Their willingness to lend a helping, albeit squishy, hand is matched only by their love of fresh fish. So if you're a Stranger looking for the latest dirt on a bounty or want to ask about their sacred holy relics, you better have something to bring to the table! It's like they say: Nothing loosens a Grubbs lips like a fresh slimy fish!

The Natives situation is similar to that of many Natives American cultures that have their culture uprooted with in the span of a few generations. Now with depleted numbers, the Natives are made to mine their own homes much like Africans are made to mine their own lands in search of diamonds.


  • The Natives were a race of peaceful river folk. Descendents of fish, they were dependent on the waters of the Mongo River. They had built their homes and temples along the high canyons of the river to avoid interfering with its flow. Some of these homes delve into canyon walls forming caves and sacred grounds hidden from the view of outsiders.
  • The Natives are an aboriginal culture that has deep spiritual ties. Their carvings and craft were all symbols for their bond with Nature. A few of their relics have been said to contain spiritual powers. These relics were presented to "The Steef," to aid them in their duty as proctors of the river.
  • After the acquisition of the Dam by Sekto Industries, the Mongo Valley began to dry up. With out the river the Native's food supply dwindled. Sekto and his "Peacekeeping Forces" made their way through the land claiming the Valley as theirs. As Sekto moved down the river they slaughtered many Natives. The Native villages were destroyed and their food was no more.
  • Much like grave robbers, Outlaws and Minions scour the valley looking for these ruins. They search them in hopes to find anything of value, idols, statues, pots, and even sacred relics. The market for these relics is provided by bureaucrats like Sekto and Townsfolk. They would like a little piece of an ancient culture for show. The Outlaws don't just search the ruins they devour them. Taking them apart piece by piece, they make sure that they've not missed anything. The more cunning Outlaws have been known to bring in mining equipment to rip through any rocks and walls in their way.
  • The Outlaws and Minions aren't alone in this endeavor. The Townsfolk have been known to set up towns near some ruins. This is so they can easy go through the ruins themselves. These "mining towns" are dependent on the relics located in the ruins as their main income, which does lead to a few problems. Outlaws (especially ones that work for Sekto) have been known to hijack these townsfolk controlled ruins. (NOTE: Townsfolk do not live in the ruins, their town is located a little ways from the ruins.)

Character Bio/Dossier

  • Species: Grubbs (Native, Indigenous)
  • Occupation: Gathering relics for whoever is kind enough to enslave them.
  • Hobbies: Gatherin', dancin' a jig or two, cuttin' loose, carvin' stuff, throwin' rocks, and stealin' food.
  • Pet Peeves: Shoes, water thieves, bathing and big meanies.
  • Likes: Being crafty, Fish, Wolvark-n-chips, Fried Wolvark, Wolvark Gumbo, Wolvark Strips with a side of Ranch, Wolvark Patty w/special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. You know, the normal fare.
  • Dislikes: Anyone with a gun and water thieves.
  • Texture: Kinda squishy.
  • Words to Live By: "Will gladly pay you Tuesday for a fish fillet today!"
  • Favorite Movie: "A River Used To Run Through It"
  • Favorite Smash Hit Musical: "Riverdance"
  • Powers: Can smell a Steef from a mile away. Can smell a Steef's breath from 2.6 miles away.
  • Origin: Grubbs once lived off the land and river, in harmony with nature. But the harmony was thrown off key by bottlers, settlers, and meddlers. They were "relocated" to a new territory under the "Official Grubb Removal and Snatch the Aqua Act". This paved the way for more advanced cultures to molt, lay eggs, and cluck.


Slegs & Sewer Slegs

Think Rottweiler and Slog. These beasts have been intentionally pent up, beaten and starved just waiting for a chance to get out and... knick knack paddie WHACK! Get those Slegs a bone! A Steef bone, that is.

Sewer Slegs never see the light of day. They live in the damp, dark sewer systems of towns and factories. Think albino and Slog.

  • Species: Wildlife
  • Class: Domesticated
  • Weapon: Knockdown/Bite
  • Medium size, fast attack speed. Upon seeing a target the Sleg howls to call other Slegs, then runs and smashes into the target and knocks it down. It will then bite at the target. The Sleg will continue to pursue the target relentlessly unless it can't navigate there or the target is in the water. Isn't fooled by Stranger.


A cranky displaced city dweller; the Vykker Surgeon is a graduate from the School of the Maiming Arts. He has a Masters in Slaughtering, with advanced degrees in Torture, Pain and Suffering. He minored in Taxidermy, which he finds often comes in handy. This doc's got a passion for mutation and the tools to do it. If you've got the Moolah, he's got the mania.

  • Species: Vykker
  • Category: Industrial
  • Class: Doctor Surgeon
  • Occupation: Runs the small town surgery store in Gizzard Gulch with another office "retreat" in Mongo Valley. Initially the driving force for Stranger is to collect enough Moolah for the surgeon to perform an usual operation.



  • Species: Oktigi.
  • Class: Executive.
  • Occupation: Big boss of Sekto Springs Water Co. His troops are comprised of Gloktigi and Wolvark Strike teams.

The Mongo River has been "privatized" by commercial enterprises. They have damned the river and are bottling the water at its source, which is then shipped off to various cities as "fresh spring water". Meanwhile, everything that used to live downstream is suffering from the lack of water... which they perceive as having been "stolen". These industrial forces have been vicious to the local tribes, the wildlife, and the eco-system. The owner of the enterprises, who happens to be a big game hunter, has put out a reward for a STEEF head that he'd like to add to his stuffed big game collection hanging in his office.

He's the head honcho of Sekto Springs Bottled Water Co., and the boss of every one who claims to be a boss in Mudos. He's also an accomplished executive with the power to make or break an entire ecosystem with the stroke of a pen. Dressed for excess, his gloved hands never have to touch the disparity he creates. But he enjoys a trophy from his latest pillage just as much as the next guy... which puts the Steef and every other endangered critter a bit on edge. The edge of extinction

Character Bio/Dossier

  • Name: Mr. Sekto
  • Species: Oktigi (amphibious)
  • Occupation: Owner of Sekto Springs Water Company. Industrialist responsible for the exploitation of Mongo River.
  • Base of Operations: Executive Office and heliport atop Sekto Springs Dam.
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Smell: Moolah
  • Lucky Number: Eight
  • Pet Peeves: Running out of ink, sunlight, and parties with "no host" bars.
  • Favorite Food: Steef Loaf, rare, with au jous.
  • Hobbies: Having a big head and collecting the big heads of other.
  • Feeling towards slaves: Gets really attached to 'em.(sic)
  • Catch Phrases: "Find me a good Steef head!" "I love animals! Just look at all of them on my wall!" "Greed is good!"
  • Origin: Sekto maintains a youthful, vibrant glow by sucking the life out of those close to him. In fact, his vitality masks his seedy under-jelly so well that no one really knows from whence he came!


Regular ammo does the job, but recent studies have shown that ammo upgrades consistently outperform their average ammo counterparts, exceeding expectations by wreaking extreme havoc on enemies!

Rabid Fuzzle

  • An ADD experiment gone awry, the Rabid Fuzzle goes farther and gnaws harder in a fuzzy frenzy that repeatedly takes down whatever has the misfortune of being in the way.

Howler Punk

  • Howler Punks make the most of a rare condition called Turret Syndrome... they bellow insults louder, farther and longer in an audio assault unparalleled by any other ammo! Annoy three enemies at a time!

Bola Blast

  • New and improved, genetically altered webs drain the life from not one juicy outlaw but a whole gang.

Super StingBees

  • Hold down that trigger for hard-core, rapid-fire StingBee action! Super StingBee Blasts offer razor sharp spikes on top of a burst of power that makes destroying towns and impaling your enemies a breeze!

Riot Slugs

  • Riot Slugs are just the ticket for close range damage! Charging makes them hit hard, then keep hitting by fragmenting all over the place! Messy, but gooooood!

Boombat Seekers

  • Bada Boombat Seekers are the queen mother of all ammo! They've got a shorter fuse and five feisty little drones just waiting to fly out, latch onto an outlaw, and cause him some royal pain!

Spark Stunkz

  • Like an unholy magnet of stench, the implosion Spark Stunkz use their putrid powers to suck in their targets, kicking, screaming, and colliding, into a cloud of fetid demise.


Once that no good, dirty, rotten stinkin' outlaw PackRat Palooka gets his rear firmly planted in the local jail, Stranger heads to the Buzzarton bounty store to get his moolah.

There, the clerk is happy to square up and have another pesky outlaw bagged, and stamps the bounty bill "paid." He mentions to Stranger that he has something else the bounty hunter might be interested in. He reaches from under the counter to present a new bounty poster to Stranger. The image portrayed there is disturbing, but Stranger maintains his composure. Casually, he asks, "How much?"

The clerk grabs a nearby phone and dials Sekto directly. Sekto is a member of the Oktigi, an elite breed of capitalists. He is money. Everything from his finely tailored suit to his taste for exotic cuisine represents his class and ability to get what he wants, at any price. Sekto's accent is one of elongated first syllables, deep and menacing. The clerk hands the phone over to Stranger, and the conversation that ensues is one of cautious one-upsmanship.

"Sekto... What's your business?"
"I hear ya payin' out for a Steef head," Stranger asks.
"You have a Steef head?"
Holding the surgery bid from the Vykkers office, Stranger ponders his answer to Sekto's question and replies, "Maybe I knows where to find one. For twenty grand."
After a pause, Sekto replies, "Better be fresh for twenty grand."
"So when I bag one, where do I find you?"
"Easy, I own the Mongo River. You'll find my office at Sekto Springs Dam." With a touch of vanity, he continues, "I'm always here."
"Well that's... good to know."

Stranger hangs up with a disconcerted grunt and looks at the wanted poster. A seldom seen expression of concern gives way to determination. When the stakes are high, so is the payoff.

Back at Sekto Springs, deep within the cavernous belly of the dam, Sekto ponders the call. His office is dark, cold and industrial. It is well appointed with items of good taste. Of course good taste is subjective: the walls behind his desk display a collection of Steef heads mounted in fierce expressions. A pair of majestic, disembodied horns form the centerpiece of the collection. The Steef used to be the protectors of the river, but fell prey to the overwhelming industrialization that took place in their native habitat. They are fiercely hunted and their rarity makes them one of the most valuable creatures in existence... assuming they do still exist. Consumed with the news of a Steef sighting, Sekto dials D. Caste Raider, a tough outlaw boss and leader of a rough gang. He tips him off to the Steef sighting, pitting him against Stranger, and bringing Sekto all the more closer to his next big investment.

Eager to hunt some big game, Caste Raider rounds up his posse. "Lock-n-load boys, we got some huntin' to do!"