Max the Mug

Max in Limbo Internet café and professional LAN gaming centre, Nottingham, 29 October 2006, reporting Lorne's announcement of Citizen Siege

Max the Mug is co‐founder and co‐manager of The Oddworld Library. He started OddBlog in 2003, and has written all the content of The Oddworld Encyclopædia himself. He takes it upon himself to make sure the Library is always up‐to‐date, accessible, easily navigable, and compliable with web standards.

Max is a veteran of the online Oddworld fan community, having joined the GT Interactive message boards in 1998 (as ‘skELUMton’), then moving to the Exoddus Club and Oddworld Group (as ‘billy_squeek’), and finally the Oddworld Forums (initially as ‘Max the Meetle’), where he is currently a member of staff alongside Xav. Long having been nicknamed ‘The Oddworld Encyclopedia’, Max decided to create a site through which he could share his knowledge with other fans.

Wil (born 7 October 1987) is currently studying Environmental Science at the University of Sheffield in the U.K. He is vegan, plays the trombone, and enjoys swing dance and cross‐country running.


How did you become a fan of Oddworld?

I played the demo disc that came with my Sony PlayStation on Boxing Day 1997, and immediately fell in love with the game’s alien atmosphere and quirky but believable characters. I bought the game not long after, and every game since.

What does Oddworld mean to you?

Oddworld is an artistically innovative and emotionally endearing promotion of activism. With its messages against certain corporate and political practices that destroy environments and harm populations, Oddworld has struck a major chord with my own passions in life, and it does all this with humorous yet heartfelt characters turning slavery, propaganda, and addictive, chemical‐laden, brand‐name consumer goods against their creators. There is no way fans would accept space battles or romance formulæ showing up on Oddworld.

How did The Oddworld Library start?

My first website was The Scrabacombs, where I simply wrote about several Oddworld creatures out of sheer fascination with them, but I soon realized I could write coherently about many aspects of Oddworld. This was the inspiration for The Oddworld Encyclopædia. Meanwhile, my Oddworld blog had turned quite naturally into a news blog, and Xavier had a desire to share his Oddworld collection online. We planned to amalgamate all of this into one all‐purpose fansite.