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The Oddworld Library is a comprehensive source of all things Oddworld. Run by Xavier De Coster and Wil Bunce-Edwards, it hosts all kinds of media like images, websites, videos, developer diaries and interviews and also a number of articles about the games, their developers, the fandom and the lore. Despite it's name, it also covers other topics, mostly non-Oddworld projects by Oddworld Inhabitants and Lorne Lanning, such as Citizen Siege or Xmobb.

More about the website can be read in it's respective article.

Sister sites of The Oddworld Library

Oddblog (Old/New)
OddBlog covered Oddworld news from 2003 to 2014. It is divided between two systems: an archive, that holds all stories made before November 2010, and the newer OddBlog, that holds all stories made since.
The Oddworld Encyclopedia
Or ‘TOE’, hosted articles on Oddworld lore written by Wil. All content has been migrated to the wiki.
The Oddworld Archives
Or ‘TOA’, archived many different types of media relating to Oddworld. It was divided into many different subsections, each catering to its own type of media.
The Oddworld Graphics Gallery
Or ‘TOGG’, originally archived images only, maintained by Xavier. Since 2010 it has also started hosting videos.
The Oddworld Cinema
Or ‘TOC’, archived videos only, maintained by Xavier. Since 2010 its content was migrated to TOGG.
The Oddworld Scriptures
Or ‘TOS’, archived texts only, maintained by Wil. These included press interviews, developer diaries, and texts taken from the INsOMNIOUS version of Oddworld.com. This content is in the process of being migrated to the wiki.
Superseded by Magog On The March.
Odd Wide Web
Archives a number of different official company and product websites, maintained by Xavier.
Archives a number of different official soundtrack releases and music rips from Oddworld games. Does not have its own web pages.