Co‐founder, editor‐in‐chief, reporter, and encyclopædist Max the Mug
Co‐founder, reporter, and archivist Xavier De Coster
Italian translation Stranger90
Edward Shan
Beta testing and support Holizz
Design of the Atrium, OddBlog, and Encyclopædia Max the Mug
Design of the Cinema, and Odd Wide Web Xavier De Coster
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Special thanks for contribution go to:

The Oddworld Librarians would like to thank Alcar, Charlie, Henna and John for their past, gracious hosting; and Alexia and Cathy for making this all a viable and recognized project.

Max would like to thank Xavier for his tireless dedication to news journalism, archival, and Oddworld; Neil for the belated birthday presents; the Exoddus Club for everything it nurtured; and Oddworld fans everywhere for your loyal support of OWI.

Xav would like to thank Max for giving him the opporunity to create the Library with a talented Librarian; Nicolas for making me aware of Oddworld; Inès for giving me love every day; The Shaman Inc. for their conspiracies; and all the Oddworld Forums’ members.

Obviously, we all need to thank Lorne Lanning for conceiving Oddworld, and Oddworld Inhabitants for giving birth to it.