These interviews, Q&As, web chats, and articles feature important people relating to Oddworld, mostly creator Lorne Lanning, and are written by industry publications and fans. This is more a catalogue than an archive; while all the contents listed below have been archived, the original (or copy of the original by the Internet Archive) is always linked to if available. Be sure to check the Oddworld Forums or Bulletin Board to find out the latest additions to this list.

Date Title Interviewee Published
17 Sep 1997 Interview with Oddworld Team Lorne Lanning, Sherry McKenna Prima
23 Sep 1997 Oddworld Interview Sherry McKenna Gaming Age
1 Dec 1997 On a Desert Island With…Gaming Gurus Lorne Lanning Animation World Magazine
1 Dec 1997 The Future of Gaming Lorne Lanning Animation World Magazine
5 May 1998 Oddworld Interview Lorne Lanning Gaming Age
19 Oct 1998 Gettin’ Odd with the loonies! Lorne Lanning loonygames
10 Feb 1999 Abe’s Exedus — The Story Unknown Nasty’s Dungeon
10 Feb 1999 Abe’s Exedus Unknown Nasty’s Dungeon
1 Oct 1999 An Interview With Oddworld Inhabitants Lorne Lanning Master Gamer
23 Oct 1999 An interview with Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning
25 Oct 1999 20 Q’s With Munch’s Oddysee Producer Lorne Lanning GameFan
15 Feb 2000 Speaking About An Oddworld… Lorne Lanning IGN
15 Feb 2000 What Is It Like to Design With Oddworld? Farzad Varahramyan IGN
1 Mar 2000 INTERVIEW — Lorne Lanning,
President/Creative Director of Oddworld Inhabitants
Lorne Lanning GamesFirst!
1 May 2000 Oddworld Inhabitants: Weird Name, Great Game Angie Jones, Scott Easley Animation World Magazine
2 May 2000 Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee Interview Lorne Lanning IGN
7 May 2000 Oddworld : L’interview de Lorne Lorne Lanning
10 May 2000 You want INSIDE info? How’s this… Lorne Lanning The Exoddus Club
31 May 2000 Oddworld Lorne Lanning EP Radio
8 Jun 2000 Jammin’ with Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning PlayStation Pro
12 Jun 2000 Status and power: Oddworld isn’t so odd anymore Lorne Lanning Gamers’ Republic Online
13 Jul 2000 Title unknown Lorne Lanning Hyper
6 Sep 2000 An interview with Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning Happy Puppy
22 Sep 2000 Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee—Interview Lorne Lanning, Sherry McKenna GameSpot TV
11 Oct 2000 Interview With Oddworld Inhabitants Lorne Lanning Master Gamer
20 Oct 2000 Lorne Lanning Interview Lorne Lanning Daily Radar
25 Oct 2000 The Parties Involved Comment on Oddworld Exclusivity Lorne Lanning, Ed Fries GameSpot
30 Oct 2000 Interview with Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning Oddworldian, Oddworld‐Web
9 Nov 2000 Inside Oddworld Lorne Lanning, Sherry McKenna, Farzad Varahramyan Game Room
14 Nov 2000 Oddworld Inhabitants Developer Chat Lorne Lanning PlanetXbox
21 Dec 2000 OddChat with Paul O’Connor Paul O’Connor OddChat
10 Jan 2001 OddChat Development Team Dan Kading, Aimee Smith, Mark Ahlin, Rob Brown, Jeff Brown, Jessica Elliott, Kyndra Kading, Dan Kading, Sean Miller OddChat
30 Jan 2001 The Oddworld Interview Lorne Lanning GlobalXbox
20 Feb 2001 OddChat Programmers Alf, Kyndra Kading, Eric Yiskis, Craig Ewert OddChat
13 Mar 2001 Gamestock 2001 Superchat Lorne Lanning Zone Theater
16 Mar 2001 Oddworld Inhabitant’s Lorne Lanning talks Xbox Lorne Lanning GameSpot
23 Mar 2001 OddChat CG Team Scott Easley, Mauricio Hoffman, Matt Aldridge, John Burk, Ryan Ellis, Marke Pedersen, Iain Morton, Aimee Smith, Alf OddChat
4 May 2001 IGN Xbox Interviews Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning IGN Xbox
11 May 2001 Chat: Oddworld Inhabitants Lorne Lanning, Chris Ulm, Dan Kading, Marquise Bent
11 May 2001 Lorne Lanning Interview Lorne Lanning
6 Jun 2001 Lorne Lanning Q&A Lorne Lanning The Electric Playground
6 Jun 2001 Munch’s Oddysee Lorne Lanning The Electric Playground
7 Jun 2001 Oddworld : interview bicéphale Lorne Lanning, Sherry McKenna
7 Aug 2001 It’s an odd Oddworld Scott Easley CGI Magazine
7 Aug 2001 Oddworld Inhabitants Lorne Lanning CGI Magazine
5 Oct 2001 IGN vs. The Vykkers Humphrey Vykkers, Irwin Vykkers IGN Xbox
12 Oct 2001 IGN vs. Munch Latamire Munch IGN Xbox
26 Oct 2001 IGN Vs. Abe Abraham Lure IGN Xbox
31 Oct 2001 Lorne Lanning Questions & Answers Lorne Lanning Oddworldian, Oddworld‐Web
1 Nov 2001 Oddworld’s Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning GlobalXbox
14 Nov 2001 Oddworld Q&A Lorne Lanning GameSpot
1 Dec 2001 Five Questions With Oddworld Co‐Creator Lorne Lanning
21 Dec 2001 Oddworld Follow‐Up Interview Christopher Leonard XboxAddict
1 Jan 2002 Chatting with Oddworld Sherry McKenna, Lorne Lanning XBM
20 Jan 2002 Untitled Matt Aldridge, Ryan Ellis, Mauricio Hoffman, Marke Pedersen, Iain Morton, Rajeev Nattam Splice
1 Mar 2002 Lorne Lanning & Sherry McKenna Q&A Lorne Lanning, Sherry McKenna Games Domain
7 Mar 2002 Untitled GameSpot Interview Lorne Lanning, Rob Brown, Scott Easley, Charles Bloom GameSpot Australia
8 Mar 2002 Lorne Lanning, Oddworld Inhabitants Lorne Lanning Brady Games
2 May 2002 Untitled Lorne Lanning GamesRadar
3 May 2002 Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee interview Rob Brown Xbox Corp
5 May 2002 Interview with Scott Easley Scott Easley 3D Festival
14 Jun 2002 It’s an Odd World! Lorne Lanning digital
21 Jul 2002 Untitled GamerWeb Interview Lorne Lanning, Sherry McKenna GamerWeb
6 Sep 2002 Take This Job and Love It! — Artist — Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning GamePro
1 May 2003 Een dag bij Oddworld Inhabitants Rob Brown
13 Aug 2003 An Interview with Sherry McKenna Sherry McKenna United Female Gamers Forum
1 Nov 2003 A Chat with Lorne Lanning & Sherry McKenna Lorne Lanning, Sherry McKenna GIGnews
12 Dec 2003 Oddworld Inhabitants’ Matt Scott Matt Scott Animation Artist
1 Feb 2004 Munch Money Lorne Lanning Electronic Gaming Monthy
20 May 2004 Special Odd Chat Alf’s Assistant, Alf, Abe Babe OddChat
23 Aug 2004 Wer ist der Fremde? David Ross EA
15 Sep 2004 Mark Snoswell interview Mark Snoswell OddBlog
24 Sep 2004 The weird bunch! Oddworld Stranger exclusive interview! Lorne Lanning
2 Oct 2004 Lorne Lanning Interview Lorne Lanning TeamXbox
6 Oct 2004 Oddworld: Stranger Q&A Lorne Lanning, Erik Yeo Total Video Games
11 Oct 2004 Cathy Johnson interview Cathy Johnson OddBlog
2 Nov 2004 Oddworld Stranger Q&A Scot Bayless, Lorne Lanning GameSpot
3 Dec 2004 Interview: Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath Lorne Lanning GameDaily
15 Dec 2004 Interview [ Lorne Lanning, schepper van Oddworld ] Lorne Lanning
20 Dec 2004 Enter the Oddworld of Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning
19 Jan 2005 A Not‐So‐Odd Conversation With The Oddman Lorne Lanning GameZone
20 Jan 2005 Exclusive Lorne Lanning Interview Lorne Lanning G4
24 Jan 2005 Interview with Alf Alf Oddworld‐Web
1 Feb 2005 Exclusive Interview with Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning Power Unlimited
4 Feb 2005 Interview with Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning UGO
19 Feb 2005 Lorne Lanning Interview Lorne Lanning
24 Feb 2005 Interview of Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning Xbox‐
26 Feb 2005 Unknown Lorne Lanning FileFront
19 Apr 2005 Q&A: Oddworld’s exit from games Lorne Lanning GameSpot
4 Nov 2005 FAQ: Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning Edge
9 Feb 2006 Unknown Lorne Lanning Working‐
30 Oct 2006 Q&A: Oddworld’s Lorne Lanning and Sherry McKenna Lorne Lanning, Sherry McKenna GameSpot UK
8 Nov 2006 Meeting Lorne & Sherry Lorne Lanning, Sherry McKenna OddBlog
13 Nov 2006 Odd Man Out Lorne Lanning
1 Dec 2006 A rested development Lorne Lanning Edge
30 May 2007 Meet Michael Bross Michael Bross Game‐OST
22 Jun 2007 GDC Lorne Lanning interview Lorne Lanning GamereactorTV
30 Jul 2007 Michael Bross interview Michael Bross OddBlog
6 Aug 2007 Where’s Lorne Lanning Been? Lorne Lanning EMG Live*
5 Sep 2007 Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning CGSociety
21 Sep 2007 Expert Insight Lorne Lanning Get Rich Playing Games
5 Nov 2007 Lorne Lanning (Afterword) Lorne Lanning Inside Game Design
13 Nov 2007 End of the Debate? Lorne Lanning
20 Mar 2008 Episode 22 Lorne Lanning Full Moon Show