Official site updates, April 2004

Story 93 reported by Max on
Friday, 2nd April 2004 at 9·19 p.m. BST has been properly updated for the month, with a new message on the home page, a new Fan Quote of the Month, updated Dear Alf questions, a new Fan Of the Month, a profile of animator John Hood, an updated Press page (now including a PDF file of March’s Polygon feature), a new Fan Photo of the Month, an expanded skin art gallery (check out Rich Figlia!), and an up‐to‐date listing of available job positions!

Also, a happy birthday to Oddworld’s most proclaimed fan, Alfred Gamble, the inspiration behind our very own Alf.



  1. Oddish on Wednesday, 14th April 2004 at 7·18 p.m.

    I'll shutup:(

  2. Oddish on Sunday, 11th April 2004 at 9·24 p.m.

    How old is Alf anyway, if they say he is the oldest oddworld fan

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