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Thursday, 17th June 2004 at 1·10 p.m. BST has been updated from .html to .shtml, resolving the long‐standing issue of the site not being able to load for those using Gecko‐based browsers such as NS6+, Mozilla and Firefox. Information comes from Buckminster and Alcar.

Additional articles on the news and rumours surrounding OWI are appearing at Designtechnica News, GameDaily, Total Video Games, EuroGamer, Games Domain, Game Baboons, Gamers Europe, Gizmodo (an accurate and amusing one), Gamasutra, BDGamer, Xbox Addicts, and the notoriously unreliable, who claim that Stranger will be released on Xbox and PlayStation 2 in Quarter 2 of 2005, and that screens and artwork will be released along with an official announcement within the next 48 hours. Wear your dubious faces, please, ladies and gentlemen.

Finally, Stranger’s opening sequence’s presence at this year’s Animation Theatre has a mention in an article on the Computer Animation Festival.

Sources: Buckminster and Alcar


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