July 2009


New Michael Bross album: Subway Meditations

Story 496 reported by Max on
Friday, 31st July 2009 at 3·15 p.m. BST

Michael Bross’s sixth release, Subway Meditations, has been published on his own Deep Lever label. The album consists of ‘experimental, minimalist, ambient electronica’, composed largely using sounds recorded by Bross in the subways of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Subway Meditations is available on CD or download from Bross’s site, which also features track previews and one free track download.

It is also officially for sale at Amazon, eMusic and iTunes, but with fewer of the proceeds going to the artist.

Michael has writen some notes to accompany the release and describe his experience putting the album together. Subway Meditations has been reviewed by Patrick Gann of Original Sound Version and Marc Weidenbaum of Disquiet.

Meanwhile, two tracks by Michael Bross have been released on Oceans and Atmospheres, Deep Lever’s first compilation album that has been released under a Creative Commons license and is available as a free download.

Michael Bross’s ‘Fighting Outlaws’ multitrack files have been remixed by Deep Lever netlabel artist Tom Lynn, and the result is also available for free download.

Sources: Michael Bross and Deep Lever

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