Oddworld Forums–Glass Asylum schism

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The Oddworld Forums–Glass Asylum schism is an event in the history of the Oddworld Forums in which a large number of members, including members of staff, left the Oddworld Forums when the Forums’ founder, Sydney, had her administrative powers removed.

After this, Sydney founded a new message board called The Glass Asylum, which many members started frequenting, either instead of or as well as the Oddworld Forums. There was a lot of tension and mistrust between the two communities for a while, although most participants in the dispute have since claimed they hold no grudges.

Prior events

Following his visit to Oddworld Inhabitants[1] and being made Fan of the Month on the Oddworld Inhabitants website,[2][3] Pilot attracted the attention of Sydney and Abe Babe, with whom he started chatting and became friends.[4] When the Spoiler Forum was opened at the launch of Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee,[5] Pilot was selected to moderate it,[6][7] and when the Forums’ server demanded higher prices to continue the hosting plan, Sydney and Abe Babe accepted Pilot’s offer to host OddNet on his personal server at no charge.[8][4]

Odd Tour; passing through Sydney's neighbourhood; gender reassignment.

Banning Sydney

According to accounts by Pilot years later, there came a time when, over the course of a few months, Sydney began ‘acting strange’ and ‘starting to become spurious in his administrative duties,’ being unaccountably absent for long periods, immediately banning members for minor misdemeanors without consulting the other Forum leaders, and generally ‘exuding a strong insecurity’. When confronting Sydney with their concerns only resulted in her effectively stating it was ‘my way or the highway’, the other leaders resorted to their earlier plan to remove Sydney from a position of power.

Abe Babe, being the only member with the permission levels capable of removing Sydney’s administrative powers, reluctantly agreed to do so while Pilot agreed to create the Forum-wide announcement, both of which actions were performed on 17 August 2002.[9]


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