Fan of the Month

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Fan of the Month was a feature on the Oddworld Inhabitants website run by Alf.

Name Month Link
Alfred Gamble November 2000 Link
Abe Babe December 2000 Link
Sydney January 2001 Link
Josh Ryan Evans February 2001 Link
Tom A. March 2001 Link
Elodie C. May 2001 Link
Elum June 2001 Link
Drew July 2001 Link
Oddworld Forums August 2001 Link
Pilot September 2000 Link
Steel Shark January 2002 Link
Theresa T. February 2002 Link
Kris Kohls March 2002 Link
Xavier May 2002 Link
Lantra June 2002 Link
Sabrina July 2002 Link
Hayley November 2002 Link
Atushi December 2002 Link
Max the Mug February 2003 Link
Martin April 2003 Link
Alcar May 2003 Link
Abe Babe June 2003 Link
Jonathan September 2003 Link
Phatt Bob December 2003 Link
Aaron B. March 2004 Link
Oddguy December 2004 Link