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The Article

While experience playing Oddworld: Abes Oddysee is certainly helpful in playing Oddworld: Abes Exoddus, its by no means the same thing. In fact, Oddworld Inhabitants have gone to great lengths to ensure that Abes Exoddus offers a whole boatload of new, fun gameplay mechanics.

The first and most significant improvement to Exoddus gameplay is the addition of the QuikSave feature. It solves an issue that many had with Oddysee; for more details on this EXTREMELY nifty feature, click on the QuikSave; link below.

In addition to all of the fun stuff that Abe could do in the first game (i.e. run, jump , hang, fart, whistle, etc.), Exoddus lets him do a whole bunch of really cool new things. He can possess his farts and control them to unleash a very special surprise on his foes. His ability to possess other creatures has also been expanded to include Mudokons, Sligs, Flying Sligs, Paramites, Glukkons and Scrabs. And, naturally, each of these guys has its own GameSpeak menu for you to manipulate and controls to master. Youll find that speaking to others to help you operate some of the games elaborate contraptions is absolutely imperativeespecially if youre to save all of your fellow Mudokons and maintain good Qarma (think: Mudokon Karma). It should be noted, though that talking to other Mudokons and getting them to help you could be difficult given the fact that they now sport moods. Mudokons can be Spiteful Happy, Manic, Depressed, or Suicidal and in all instances, you have to do SOMETHING if youre going to get their help. Of course, youll also have to deal with Blind Mudokons who will need more assistance than most and Sick Mudokons, strung out on SoulStorm brew and badly in need of rehab. Lastly, Abe can now ride Mine Carts through the harrowing halls of the SoulStorm brewery in his frantic attempt to save his kind from an awful fate.

Rest assured, theres going to be tons of new stuff to keep you busy in Exoddus. The only question is this: do you have the juice to survive?