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Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus Hints and Tips

Navigating the treacherous levels that comprise Abe's Exoddus can be a difficult task; it seems that a near-death experience is around every corner. In addition, each of the copious levels in Exoddus is riddled with secret areas just waiting to be explored... but sometimes, they're not so easy to see. That's where a solid strategy guide comes in handy - namely The Official Strategy Guide for Oddworld: Abeís Exoddus, written by noted strat author Rusel DeMaria and published by GW press. And to say that GW Press put together the ultimate Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus strategy guide would be an understatement: the book outlines every move you need to make and brings out into the open the hidden entrances to all the game's secrets. Take a gander below and youíll see why this is the only must-have guide for fans of Exoddus.

General Tips

  • Want to move a Mudokon? Just fart next to him. Heíll move!
  • Learn to hold a grenade for a five-count, then throw for maximum control.
  • Slap a Slig! It can buy you time...
  • Learn to disarm bombs and avoid mines, but invite your enemies to enjoy and explosive moment.
  • If you drink Brew, don't stand too long next to your own farts! Possess them!

SoulStorm Mining Co.

Secret Mines 1

  • To access, run to the right at the start of the game until you get to the screen with the mine car. Now, climb down behind the mine car.
  • When you reach the bottom, walk through the doorway - but be ready to move!
  • Quickly, before the Flying Slig drops you with a grenade, step to the edge and lower yourself twice, until you fall into the next area.
  • Immediately roll under the metal barrier and wait until the Flying Slig flies up and out of the area. While youíre waiting, get the attention of the three Mudokons by saying "All of ya" and then tell them to follow you. When the flying Slig has gone, roll to the next areaÖ
  • Quickly tell the three Mudokons to work before they run into the electrical field. Now, when itís safe, bring them through the electrical field by telling them to follow you and pulling the lever at the right moment. You may want to take them through the field one at a time. Finally, jump into the well.
  • Use GameSpeak commands to position the three Mudokons next to the three valve wheels and tell them all to work. This opens the barrier to the left. Now chant to release the three Mudokons and walk to the left.

TIP: If you make any mistakes (other than dying) in this secret area, just return to the beginning and continue on.

  • Run to the left
  • Oh boy! Lots of Mudokons and a bird portal. You know what to do. When youíre done, backtrack and make your way to the start of the level again. Be careful the Flying Sligs donít get you!


Necrum Secret 1

  • From your starting point in Necrum, walk over to the screen to the left; jump down to the ledge on the lower left.
  • From the ledge, run/jump over to the right, then lower yourself from the hidden ledge. Youíll fall into a well.
  • Jump across the gap without getting shot and continue to the right.
  • Walk, jump, and roll through this area, exiting to the right.
  • Immediately call the three Mudokons and tell them to follow you, but immediately tell them to wait, before they walk into the bombs. Now that they are safe, carefully drop next to the three bombs and disable them. Climb up next to the well and run/jump to the left. Go back quickly and reset the bird portal, then return and chant. Make your way to the well and jump in. Youíll return to the beginning of the level.

Feeco Depot

Secret Feeco 1

  • At the start of Feeco Depot, go to the right. Don't pull the lever! When itís safe, jump from the ledge to the shadow area, then sneak behind the Sligs and on to the right.

TIP: If you're quick and clever, you can slap a Slig and move when he's picking himself up.

  • Jump onto the upper ledge with the Mudokon and chant to free him. Be careful not to alert the Sligs, or they'll shoot and scare the birds away. If that happens, leave and return. Now make your way back to the well and, eventually, to the start of the level.

Well, you're undoubtedly foaming at the mouth right now, thinking of the rest of the book's game-killing strategies... and hey, who can blame you? There is no better time to cave and drop the coin for this indispensable strategy guide than right now. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the GT Store and pick it up!