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Munch's Oddysee

Good News! It's animal testing!
Bad News! You're the Rabbit!

Munch's Oddysee is the long anticipated second game in the Oddworld Quintology series. Distilling the essences of Action, Adventure, Role-Playing, Strategy and Simulation games; then adding two massive scoops of Hollywood production value and storytelling, Munch's Oddysee is THE interactive encounter that will redefine the gaming experience. A self sustaining biosphere where everything from the most powerful Vykkers scientist to the lowliest Meetle is A.L.I.V.ETM. On Oddworld, Inhabitants are born, grow, talk, yell, debate and even swindle one another. They can nurture love, trust and friendship. But be careful, for they also develop fixations, grow paranoid, have nervous breakdowns and suffer withdrawals. Become the Messiah and literally change the world... or sell Momma for Moolah and lord it over to your GlukkonTM cronies. Who cares if you flush your Quarma down the toilet? You won't miss it. Or will you?

Before 128 bit...
You couldn't dream an experience like this one..

In other games, you shoot your enemies.

On Oddworld, shoot 'em if you want, but it's much more fun to steal their ATM cards, drain their retirement funds, then leave them homeless and begging for change on the street.

In other games, you find, well... bigger guns.

On Oddworld, you alter your foe's body chemistry by manipulating their diets, enslaving them as sugar junkies, brew addled drunks or nicotine fiends.

After playing other games for hours, you... well... shoot more enemies... with even bigger guns.

On Oddworld, you cause (or clean up) industrial accidents; experiment with (or rescue) lab animals; poison (or promote) your boss; adopt orphaned infants (or sell em for medical research); build a corporation or just slack around a persistent and autonomous universe where everything and everyone has hidden dualities...

...right down to the second generation GameSpeakTM. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll meet bunnies about to die. A neurotic world in desperate need of therapy, you're either going to set things straight or push it over the edge. May Odd help you!

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