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Glukkons are the ruthless, heartless capitalists that are the management of the Magog Cartel, the achetypal industrial family with a stronghold on Mudos. With no regard for worker rights, native culture or the environment, the Glukkons are singularly concerned with the acquisition of wealth through whatever means possible. For the rural world, this means smoke‐producing factories, exploitation of natural resources, enslavement of indiginous societies and slaughtering the wildlife. For the urban centres of Mudos, this means formulaic entertainment, mass‐produced junk food and corporate propaganda.


All Glukkons are born to Lady Margaret, the Glukkon Queen, in the Hall of Larvae at Nolybab. When they are growing up they keep pets such as Fleeches. As adults they are responsible for the running of the Magog Cartel. The most prominant and famous Glukkons are the CEOs, the owners of the biggest and most successful companies, such as Molluck, the CEO of RuptureFarms and SoulStorm Brewery, but Glukkons occupy all levels of business management from each factory’s board of executives to penniless entrepreneurs.

Outside of work, the social life of a Glukkon is just as reliant on wealth and success. Only the richest Glockstars have membership in the most exclusive clubs, and are considered celebrities in the industrial world’s society. Because Glukkons are physically unable to attack one another, the ultimate insult between Glukkons is spitting. Lower‐class Glukkons freak out if they are spat upon by a higher‐class Gluk. Glukkons enjoy social clubs, casinos and amusement parks.


Almost all Glukkons are singularly obsessed with the acquisition of wealth, and most are loyal to the family in every way—​Glukkons love their mum. They are heartless capitalists who won’t let empathy or consideration stand in the way of progress. Once they were a very spiritual race; the Glukkons rejected this interest a long time ago and adopted a cold, logical, scientific view of the world. They are still enclosurists, but still harbour an innate hatred towards the Mudokon race.

Fashion and dignity and very important in their culture. Though the Vykkers have considered them for target marketing of mechanical arms, no Glukkon would be seen dead wearing them. Glukkons would rather sell their own organs than beg for Moolah, excepting the most pitiful cases.


Glukkons evolved from swamp‐dwelling octopus‐like creatures, and retain many of the features of their ancestors. They have gill slits on the sides of the head and on their lower pallette, and their tongues are covered with suction cups. Having spent generations shut indoors, their eyes are now incapable of dealing with natural light.

Although their clothes suggest otherwise, Glukkons actually have tiny bodies and lifeless, vestigial legs that dangle limply far from the ground. They walk on their hands. Although their arms are long enough to take huge strides, their suits and dignity deny this, and they take tiny steps. Instead of running, they leap.


Glukkons are promoted in direct proportion to their fortune, but their social standing is dependant on how they invest their Moolah in upping their image. Clothing is the most direct form of display, though using expensive brands, having personal slaves and owning luxuries such as private airships are big boosts to each Glukkon’s status.

  • Puds

Puds are lowly pencil pushers, normally lacking in savvy and fashion sense. These rookie businessgluks must work in the basement. Too poor even to own a suit, they dress in tartan pants and suspenders.

  • Chumps

Low ranking managers are only ever in charge of the smallest, most outlying facilities. They still think tartan is stylish.

  • Wanna Bes

It takes years for a Glukkon to earn an executive pin, and even then it is worn low on the body. Junior executives form the middle management, but as their egos grow, they set their sights on higher ranks. Their lapelles are small and they smoke ordinary cigarattes.

  • Big Cheeses

As they progress up the chain of command, Glukkons’ egos swell, and their clothes become more and more exaggerated. Lapelles and shoulder pads become larger, the executive pin rises up the suit and cigarettes are replaced with more exhuberant smokables such as cigars. Big Cheeses are important enough to wear tailor‐made suits to reflect their personality.

  • Glockstars

Glockstars are major celebrities in Mudos, highly revered by their subordinates, but having an intense rivalry amongst each other. Upon promotion, they are invited to work at Vykkers Labs. Glockstar dress goes all out with sequin‐covered suits, wing collars and huge fedoras.


The Glukkons were a spiritual race thousands of years ago. Their religion studied the occult and black arts, but they lived in peace with the Mudokons until the appearance of the Mudokon pawprint moon. Humiliated by the Mudokons’ outrageous claims to divinity, the Glukkons began their Age of Alchemy, attempting to disprove the Mudokons. A disasterous accident that nearly wiped them out forced them to abandon their efforts. They become enclosurists, living their lives indoors, refusing to look at the sky and the moon it contained. They also rejected their mystical heritage and entered Oddworld’s industrial society. At first they provided consumers with quality products manufactured by Mudokon employees, but gradually over time the Cartel degenerated into its contemporary condition.