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Molluck the Glukkon is a celebrated businessman and general in the Magog Cartel. He is ruthless, heartless and conniving, and is the prodigal Glukkon son, loyal to Lady Margaret and his family in every way. Completely devoted to the acquisition of wealth and status, Molluck is the head of the Big Cheese class of Glukkon executives and was hopeful of attaining the status of Glockstar before long. He smoked expensive Surprisingly Swisher Sweet brand stoggies, and had his own private blimp and membership in the most exclusive Glukkon clubs. At the age of 43, Molluck had good looks, business genius, and terrible cigar breath. He began his career as the manager of a FlubCo Filling Station, but had no trouble using blackmail, back‐stabbing and his cool, creative mind to rise up through the ranks. He was devoted to work and put all his time and effort into it before anything else. Molluck was the CEO of RuptureFarms 1029 and SoulStorm Brewery 401.

When it became clear that Scrabs and Paramites were becoming harder to find, Molluck realised that his small industrial empire faced doom. In his typically calm manner, he proposed to the Board of Executives that they used RuptureFarms’ Mudokons workforce as a source of meat. This set in motion a chain of events that saw the Mudokon Abe escape from the factory only to return and reek havoc, eliminating security, kidnapping slaves and killing the power supply. Angered but remaining cool, Molluck ordered all Mudokons were killed by flooding the plant with poisonous gas. Abe managed to stop the gas release, but was captured and sentenced to execution. Abe was rescued, but Molluck was knocked unconscious by a beam of energy focused on him.

Since the closure of RuptureFarms 1029, Molluck has disappeared and is presumed dead, though an extensive search is underway. The Magog Cartel hopes to find Molluck alive so he can be put on trial, found guilty and shot for his inability to contain a Mudokon uprising and for the loss of two highly‐profitable companies.