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Since the Oddworld Encyclopædia moved to the MediaWiki platform, it has changed from a Web 1.0 resource authored exclusively by Max the Mug to a Web 2.0 wiki authored by a community of editors. Because this move was so recent, the transition between the two is in its very early stages: it may be that as you’re reading this Max is still the only name on the user list. However, with the cooperation of dedicated Oddworld fans, the Oddworld Library would like to build and foster this community.

The first step in building the community is to restrict editing privileges to a small number of trusted users who can independently contribute to the articles on the Encyclopædia. They will be encouraged to explore and discuss the possibile services the Encyclopædia can provide while following the guidelines set by Max, who remains editor-in-chief. The initial batch of these members will be selected personally by Max, but if you would like to be considered for an editor position in the future, contact Max on here or on the Oddworld Forums.

The following guidelines currently exist, but may be updated at any point:

Things that need to be done:

  • Edit existing Awards articles to link to staff members’ dedicated articles.
  • Add list of 9th Awards winners.
  • Create articles for each of the Awards categories as per the existing ones.