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Nod was the rumoured name of the fourth hero in the Oddworld Quintology for years before it was confirmed as being apocryphal by Lorne Lanning. According to the rumour, Nod would have starred in Oddworld: Nod’s Oddysee as per the nomenclature of the preceding Quintology stories. The rumour did not detail the character or story of Nod in any way, and to date these, along with the genuine name of the fourth character, remain unknown.

The persistence of the rumour is largely due to its being repeated on the Oddworld Forums by Max the Mug for a number of years, from which it spread to other sources: initially fansites, then other Oddworld fan communities, and eventually even the Oddworld article on Wikipedia. Over time, Max was increasingly criticized for not being able to show a source for this information, which he claimed was an interview with an Oddworld Inhabitant that had been lost since 1999.[1] When Max asked members of the Exoddus Club in February 2000 if they’d heard of Nod, member George_T_Gimp said he thought he could also remember Nod being named in an interview.[2]

Lorne explicitly identified Oddworld: Nod’s Oddysee as a rumour in an interview with Russian gaming magazine Игромания published in September 2007,[3] but news of this did not reach members of the Oddworld Forums until member MeechShrykull1029 posted a link to the online copy of the interview in April 2008.[4]


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