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These credits are primarily taken from the videogame Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee.

All unreferenced entries can be found in both the in-game ‘Credits’ video and the physical game manual in both the PlayStation and Windows versions of the game.

Referenced entries may be found in only the ‘Credits’ video, only the manual, only one version of the game, or any combination that doesn't include all four sources. Other referenced entries may not be included in any of the game's credits but have alternative sources, such as the cases of William Anderson and Mary Krefting.

Oddworld Inhabitants

Executive Producer
Sherry McKenna
Lorne Lanning
Story & Concept
Lorne Lanning[1]:C03
Production Design
Steven Olds
Farzad Varahramyan
Frank Simon
Art Coordinator/Associate Producer
Geri Wilhelm
Manager of [Interactive] Design/Lead Game Play Designer/Level Designer
William Anderson[2][3]
Game Design
Paul O’Connor
Jeff Brown
Lead Technical Director
Christophe Chaverou
Technical Directors
Scott Easley
Eric Antanavich
Jane Mullaney
Lead Programmer
Eric Yiskis
Craig Ewert
Todd Johnson
Mike Waltman
Audio Producer
Josh Gabriel
Sound Design & Music
Ellen Meijers
Digital Artists
Cathy Johnson[4]:C09[5]:31[6]
Leonardo Palang[1]:C09[5]:31[6]
Associate Art Director
Rob Brown[1]:C09[5]:31[6]
Character Voices
Lorne Lanning
Character Sculptures
The Shiflett Studio
Brandon Shiflett
Jarod Shiflett
Character Modeling
Viewpoint Datalabs
Chief Operating Officer
Maurice Konkle
Director of Technology
Andrew Fruin
Director of Human Resources
Ava Arsaga
Support Staff
Jenny Shaheen
Jim Fajardo
Michelle Davis
David Rothman
David A. Vergara
Teresa Tam
Ainslee Lange
Assistant Producer
Heidi Ewert
Manual Design
SVS Graphic Design[5]:31
Vera Stoeber[5]:31
Special Thanks
BUF Company for their Technical Support
David Wexler
Bill Skryniarz
Katie from Kinkos
Brian from Audio Ecstasy
Café Roma
Big Sky
Entreé Express
Mother’s Tavern
Marion at Casablanca Travel
Leslie at Open Air
Bug Police
Cal Poly Abatoir
Custom Meat Cutting by Vince
Joan Parreant
Sparks Exhibits
Vera Stoeber SVS Graphic Design
Scott Adair
San Luis Obispo
Wyndham Hannaway & Associates
Tommy Tallarico
Alana at Random
RDA International, Inc.
Raymond Swanland

Digital Dialect

Michael Case[4]:C19[6]
Davide Pasca[4]:C19[6]
Sean Palmer[4]:C19[6]
Data Conversion/Music Programming
Sean Palmer[4]:C19
PlayStation Emulation Programming
Davide Pasca[4]:C19

GT New York

Chairman of the Board
Joe Cayre
Ron Chaimowitz
Exec. VP/GM Intl. Div/Business Affairs
Harry Rubin
Sr. Vice President
Chris Garske[4]:C13[1]:C13
Product Manager
Shari Bernstein
Kurt Busch
VP of Marketing
Holly Newman
VP of Corporate Communications
Allyne Mills
Sr. Communication Manager
Dan Harnett
Manager of Investor Relations
Dawn Berrie
Director of Creative Services
Leslie Mills
VP Enterprise Group
Murray Froikin
Nic Lavroff[6]
Art Traffic Coordinator
Liz Fierro
Asst. Communications Manager
Christina Kerzner
Assistant to the President
Lynn Dammers-Lupo[4]:C16[1]:C16
Executive VP of Publishing
Richard Burns
Special Thanks
Andre Garcia (Quality Assurance)[5]:30[6]
Richard Davis[5]:30[6]
Michael Marrs[5]:30[6]
Vic Merritt[5]:30[6]
Jill Pomper[5]:30[6]
Jennifer Scheerer and Lesley Zinn (Graphic Artists)[5]:30
Gary Barth[5]:30[6]
Will Busch[5]:30[6]
Lynn Dammers-Lupo[5]:30[6]
Robert Dorsett[5]:30
Kirby Fong[5]:30
Nic Lavroff[5]:30
Theresa Lopez[5]:30[6]
Hiromi Nobata[5]:30[6]
Bradley Smithart[6]
Rachel Olhava[5]:30
Rick Raymo[5]:30
Max Taylor[5]:30[6]
Chris Garske[6]

GT Europe

Marketing Director
Mark Swallow
PR Manager (UK)
Pete Hawley
Jason Perkins
Assistant Producer
Ben Walker[4]:C17[5]:31[6]
Localisation Manager
Cara McMullan
Product Manager
Nichola Bentley
QA Manager
Liam DelaHunty
Assistant QA Manager
Graham Axford
Quality Assurance Team
Marc Smikle
Scott Burfitt
Mark Dearsly[4]:C18[4]:C18[5]:31
Kolin Tregaskes
Dan McNeil[4]:C18[4]:C18
Tim Wileman
Emily Britt
Germaine D. Mendes
Tim Mawson


Sr. Account Executive
Tina Kowalewski[1]:C19[5]:31
Sr. Development Support Engineer
Mike Fulton[1]:C19[5]:31
Development Support Engineer
Peter Alau[1]:C19[5]:31
President of Sony Interactive Studios
Kelly Flock[1]:C19[5]:31
Development Support Manager
Kristine Severson[1]:C19[5]:31
Quality Assurance
Mary Krefting[7]


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