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Oddworld Maniac was a primarily French-language Oddworld fansite created by Psykobee with content provided by Goldy, Epeire and Xavier. For most of its life it was either replaced by, or incorporated as a subsite, Oddworld News.

Oddworld Maniac was originally hosted by AltJeux, but switched to Babeloueb.? ‘Oddworld Maniac version 8.0’ opened on 1 May 2001[1] after an appeal by Psykobee for assistance[2] that saw Xavier first join the Oddworld Maniac team. In August 2001 it opened a French-language fan forum,[3] and in October 2001 it was redesigned and hosted an anti-SoBe campaign.[4]

After Babeloueb went down,[5] Oddworld News was launched on 9 November 2001 as a French-language news site to stand in for Oddworld Maniac.[6] A new French-language forum was created in February 2002.[7] Psykobee created a new design for the relaunch of Oddworld Maniac,[8] originally intended for a March 2002 release but delayed because of personal problems Psykobee was experiencing.[5]

Oddworld Maniac relaunched in June 2002 as ‘Oddworld Maniac v.10’, briefly preceded by the launch of its new, searchable image gallery,[9] which opened with 1154 images[10]. With the relaunch, Oddworld News became an English-language subsite of Oddworld Maniac,[11] which published its first news story in English the following month.[12]

In September 2003, Psykobee decided that he no longer had the time to maintain the site, and Oddworld Maniac and Oddworld News ceased to exist.[13] Xavier was already working with Abe Babe and Alcar to recreate his image database as ‘The Art of Oddworld’[13] (later renamed The Oddworld Graphics Gallery), and soon after was made a reporter on Oddworld-Web[14] and OddBlog.[15]

Recently, an archived copy of Oddworld Maniac has appeared online.[16] Although it has been renamed ‘Oddworld Maniac v.11’, the page source identifies it as a copy of ‘v.10’ archived in March 2003 by the Wayback Machine and retrieved in December 2009.


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