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Oddworld Questions & Answers (Oddworld Q&A) is a series of threads stickied in Oddworld Discussion on the Oddworld Forums. These threads are provided as a place to ask simple questions for which a simple answer is expected instead of generating ongoing discussion, thus reducing the number of short-lived, low-content threads in Oddworld Discussion. It is also a media request thread, allowing members to ask for images, audio, videos and links. Only one thread is active at a time, with new editions created as the current incarnation grows to a length prohibitive to browsing.

It is not unusual for discussion to arise in Oddworld Q&A threads, particularly when there is no official answer so there is much room for speculation. Sometimes this grows to the point that a moderator splits this discussion into its own thread. Conversely, threads containing questions that should have been asked in Oddworld Q&A are frequently merged with the current Q&A thread. There is no formal structure to the process, so any question may be answered at any point in time, with the addressing of several questions overlapping in time and sharing posts.


The first edition of Oddworld Questions & Answers was created by TheKhanzumer in October 2002 in an attempt to reduce the number of short-lived threads in General Oddworld Discussion; it was stickied by Xavier less than five hours later, and proved so popular that a replacement was required within a year, created by Xavier. The third edition, as with every edition since, was created by Max the Mug.

The fourth edition replaced both the previous thread and the Picture Request threads, a similar series for the requesting of images started by Xavier in February 2002 to share his extensive archive of Oddworld images. Its eighth edition was planned as its final incarnation as The Oddworld Graphics Gallery (TOGG) was planned for release in the near future, but it was expected that some members would still request missing, forgotten or other pictures. Oddworld Q&A Vα broadened this feature to requests for other media and links.

Oddworld Questions and Answers Vα includes an alpha because an original fifth edition was created, but was amongst the data lost during an unsuccessful attempt to update the vBulletin software powering the Oddworld Forums. Subsequent improvements to vBulletin’s search feature has allowed Q&A threads to remain active and usable for longer.

Edition Creation Posts Duration (days)
Oddworld Questions and Answers 24 October 2002 301 241
Oddworld Questions and Answers 2 22 June 2003 347 319
Oddworld Questions and Answers III 6 May 2004 505 626
Oddworld Questions and Answers IV 19 January 2006 588 224
Oddworld Questions and Answers Vα 31 August 2006 603 139
Oddworld Questions & Answers VI 17 January 2007 1441 389
Oddworld Questions & Answers VII 10 February 2008 1545 778
Oddworld Questions & Answers VIII 19 March 2010 ongoing

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