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Scrabs are highly territorial and incredibly hardy predators that evolved in the desert. In extreme environments such as Scrabania, their native land, they live independently and attack any other Scrab that enters its territory, even when already engaged in chasing prey. This brawl is a fight to the death, and the victorious Scrab will leap on the corpse of the loser and feed from it. In areas they have spread to that are more rich in food, such as the wilderness region of Mudos, they can be found in large herds headed by a single dominant Alpha Scrab. When two herds collide, the Alpha Scrabs battle it between themselves to retain leadership of both herds combined.

The Mudokons have seen Scrabs as sacred creatures ever since the Mudanchee tribe looked upon the creature as its holy emblem, representing their skills in warfare. Today the Scrab's body is a large contribution the visualisation of the Mudokon god Shrykull. The huge stone temple in the Scrabanian Desert contains the creatures' nesting grounds and Scrabs trapped inside. Over time, these have grown cranky and even more aggressive due to their confinement. Outside, Scrabs have been hunted to near‐extinction so they can be processed and packaged as Scrab Cakes in RuptureFarms' Tasty Treats line.


Scrabs have beaks powerful enough to snap bone, connected to their powerful torso by a muscular arched neck. In addition to rows of sharp teeth, their tongue is highly muscular and has a bony tip for spearing prey. Four strapping legs radiate from their pelvis, ending in single toes, useful for swift running and pulverising their captured prey. Their red‐orange hide provides camouflage against the desert sands. They do not have eyes, instead they sense the electric fields affected by objects and other creatures[1].


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