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Truth in Troubling Times


By Sneers Porgen and Staff reporters

A peaceful evening in the southern suburbs of the Mudokon habitation village at Camp Sixty was shattered late last night.

Terror struck as a fire broke out close to the fencing that runs between several thousand luxurious Mudokon housing units and the factory that employs so many of the lucky Mudokons that live there. Slig Security Services were quick on the scene but by the time our brave firefighters arrived, the blaze was already burning ferociously.

A firefigther captain on the scene told reporters that, although it was too early to confirm the exact details, the blaze was almost certainly started by Mudokon terrorists, attempting to burn down the homes of their hardworking compatriots.

Security forces say that the spread of fire to a nearby Magog Motors assembly plant was purely accidental and the local Mudokon population was incredibly lucky to escape with no casualities and only minor damage to some of the adjoining properties that run along the fenceline.

The Magog Motors plant was not quite so fortunate, with extensive damage to the perimeter fencing, as well as several outbuildings which are believed to be laundry operations used in the facility's latest worker benefit scheme. That program, which keeps worker uniforms spotless and freshly pressed for just a small fee taken from salaries before tax, was so successful and popular that several other Magog Cartel facilities are launching similar schemes in coming months.

Guard tower.jpg

Surveillance towers spotted the blaze early, saving many Mudokon lives.

Local residents were said to be angry that a small group of selfish Mudokon agitators would risk the lives of hardworking families in their attempt to damage Magog Cartel property.

"I can't believe they tried to burn our homes down." said one Mudokon resident, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of

reprisal attacks "that vendetta against our wonderful employers has got to stop. I'm just so glad that the Slig Security Services got in here so quickly and saved so many lives. It really makes our insurance scheme worth every bit of moolah they deduct from our pay packets - just another reason to be grateful that we work for the Magog Cartel!"

As a result of the damage a number of Mudokon employees are being reassigned to different employment programs and they will have to relocate to new homes closer to their new assignments. While all employees are keen to serve the Cartel wherever they're needed, this is surely an inconvenience that the cowardly terrorists who commit these atrocities do not take into account.

Reporters for The Informant reached out to senior Carter members for comment and were provided with a written statement condemning the "misguided and violent acts of this small group of troublemakers." Magog Cartel sources are said to be unconcerned about possible future attacks, believing that the Slig Security Services have more than enough manpower to increase patrols and ensure that those who break curfew are stopped, searched and detained until their intentions can be determined. It's also believed that the new security equipment is currently...

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by N.C. Slig

The newest member of Magog Cartel's manufacturing family opened it's doors to hordes of excited new employees this morning.

The enormous new plant was built to handle production of alarm systems and related security products that will now be made at a much faster rate and installed first in all Magog facilities. Products are then expected to be offered to security-minded individuals at an affordable price.

A small council of Glukkons has been placed in charge of the facility until a permanent head of operations can be found, with that promotion expected to come from within. It is understood that whichever of the council distinguishes themselves the most of in the coming months will end up with the top job.

There are approximately two thousand miles of swiftly moving conveyor belts within the walls of the facility, zipping along component parts as the new state of the art security devices are constructed by nimble-fingered Mudokon workers. Once built, these devices will offer peace of mind to millions as they practically guarantee that anyone caught in their sensors will swiftly receive a visit from the Slig Security Services that are instantaneously alerted. Magog factories are about to become a lot more secure and that security means a safer working environment for all. It's little wonder that, in spite of recent unexpected setbacks, the Magog Cartel looks set to report record profits at the end of this financial quarter.

With consolidation of their existing business and a range of new products expected to come from their more experimental divisions in coming months, the Magog Cartel is currently on a high with the company's leadership said to be very happy about the direction its business is heading.

Recent acts of violence at one Magog factory have been falsely reported by various other newspapers as being much more impactful on Magog business than the reality would suggest, with one or two sources even scaremongering about terrorist groups.

The Informant's reporters have had exclusive conversations with Magog personnel about the disturbing events at RuptureFarms 1029 and it is now accepted that these tragic events were the result of one deranged individual trying to cause harm to their fellow Mudokons after being passed over for Employee of the Month.

While Magog sources are already very confident in the security of their facilities, the security devices on show today will prevent any similar problems with troublemakers in the future.

Mudokon workers are said to be incredibly happy with the new measures being...

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New workplace.jpg

Wonderful new workplaces for eager Mudokons!


by Staff Reporters

Financial markets are soaring, in spite of recent events, thanks to some adept management by the business minds in charge of Mudos' leading industries. Investment is pouring in from eager market speculators who clearly know a safe bet when they see one.

Leading external analysts have been forecasting a slow down but the markets continue to defy them, proving that listening to the so called experts is no longer the best way to make your investment dependable.

It is now believed that top companies will continue fo. grow for many years.

Smaller investors are taking advantage of a new workplace scheme that allows part of their salary to be diverted into investment funds managed by the genius financial departments within each industrial center.

Many hardworking Mudokons are taking advantage of the generous new scheme.

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How you can protect your employment by buying more of your employer's products!


by Staff Reporters

Long believed to be simple diversion for simple minded citizens, it is now thought that organized sport can lead to a sense of belonging that fosters loyalty among our commoners while enforcing a sense of tribalism that prevents them from organizing too much with other regions and factories.

With this in mind Magog Cartel has started to sponsor a new league of Slig combat sport...

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