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The Webby Awards, or The Webbys, are annual online awards presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. The Webby People's Voice Award is a related honour awarded according to votes cast by the general public.

In , Oddworld Inhabitants announced that Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition had been nominated for the ‘Best Art Direction’ award in the ‘Games’ category.[1][2] The other nominees were[3]

  • Hoa by PM Studios, inc.
  • Lost in Random by Electronic Arts
  • No Longer Home by Humble Grove
  • Wayfinder by the National Film Board of Canada

On , Oddworld Inhabitants sent the following message to subscribers of the Oddworld mailing list.[4][5]

Vote for Oddworld: Soulstorm

Award nominations are great. They don't rate as high as your support, but it is nice when we receive kudos for our hard work.

The fine folks at the Webby Awards nominated Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition for Best Art Direction, which is an award that personally means a lot to me. Before getting into the games industry, I was trained as a classical artist in physical media. So I've always tried to show that inherent love for art in everything we do. It is my sincere hope that the influence I can have on the amazing artists we work with is apparent in Soulstorm, and that our vision shines through, from early concept to final production.

The entire team got behind my vision for Soulstorm's look and feel and I am so very proud of all our work. And so, I ask, if you have two minutes, can you jump over to the Webby Awards, register to vote, and if you think Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition deserves it, please vote for us.

Vote Now!

Also, if you want to learn more about Soulstorm's art, check out our nomination video which we created specifically for the Webby Awards!

Thank you,
Lorne Lanning


On , Oddworld Inhabitants launched a social campaign to encourage fans to vote for Soulstorm in the Webby People's Voice Awards.[6][7][8] A giveaway of Oddworld games and merchandise was hosted on the marketing platform Gleam, in which fans could collect tickets in exchange for performing tasks such as voting for Soulstorm daily, referring friends to the campaign, and submitting a codeword publishing via social media. Fans whose tickets were drawn from a raffle would be given the following prizes.[9]

  • 3 winners will each receive 1 x Oddworld Rupture Farms Official T-Shirt (Sizes: S - XXL)
  • 10 winners will each receive 1 x Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition Digital Code on PlayStation, Xbox or PC (Epic)
  • 10 winners will each receive 1 x Oddworld: Soulstorm Digital Soundtrack
  • 10 winners will each receive 1 x Oddworld: Soulstorm Digital Artbook

According to the campaign, for every percentage point that Soulstorm gained in the vote, ten Mudokons would be freed, and when it reached the point that 100 Mudokons were being freed daily, more ways to collect tickets would be added to the giveaway.[6][8] By , 40 Mudokons had been freed,[10] and no additional ways to collect tickets were ever added. Voting ended at .[8]

Giveaway winners

Winners of the giveaway were revealed on .[11] The following individuals had their tickets drawn and therefore won prizes, although it's not known who won which prize.[9]

Order drawn Ticket number Winner's name
1 10099 Larr R
2 17912 Paul D
3 9819 Michael V
4 19352 Gregory W
5 6285 2 C
6 13907 Dmitry M
7 21370 Bossun21
8 27363 Alex W
9 1571 Miguel H
10 27851 Antonio
11 18993 Kodes
12 21251 God-Particle G
13 20819 Aaron H
14 12470 Jana M
15 6449 Alejandro J
16 19669 Charles B
17 12752 Fikrialirahmat
18 20766 Lukyn P
19 5840 Greg C
20 27433 Giuseppe M
21 14630 Taylor H
22 27327 Andrej H
23 23960 Yoshicorn
24 11517 Jean W
25 24320 Ashley D
26 3467 Ida T
27 4884 Leonardo S
28 23104 Colten M
29 25555 Sea J
30 7661 Tibor K
31 2850 Suzy |
32 5813 The K
33 7534 Mark H

Webby Awards winners

Hoa by PM Studios, inc. won both the Webby Award and the Webby People's Voice Award for ‘Best Art Direction’ in the ‘Games’ category. Two games—Kena: Bridge of Spirits by Ember Lab, and Mundaun by Hidden Fields—were named as Honorees.[3]


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