OddBlog 2·0

Story 54 reported by Max on
Thursday, 22nd January 2004 at 6·10 a.m. GMT

Welcome to OddBlog v2·0! I got tired of fiddling about with frames and not being able to find a host that didn’t have adverts everywhere, allowed remote linking, or whose owner would allow it. Having said that, I do thank Mac for his willingness to host the frameset had he had the time to proceed with the Oddlympics. However, after realising there were other blog‐hosting sites on the Internet, I did a quick scout round and found Blogger, which allows multiple accounts to post on the same blog, and the ability to alter the template of the blog at will—​and all for free. There are still adverts, but Blogger deserves them. If you want a journal, I really do recomend Blogger.

That said, you’ll notice I’ve been able to include a permanent link to as well as the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen. This means OddBlog is now elligable for releasing. However, I want to wait for Xavier to transfer his posts over from the uJournal, so that everything is complete. It shouldn’t take long now: a couple more days tops!


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