Art Scene International covers Art of OWI

Story 422 reported by Max on
Thursday, 19th April 2007 at 8·12 p.m. BST

According to Ballistic Publishing’s latest newsletter, the European art magazine Art Scene International has featured Abe and Munch on the front cover of their February 2007 issue, and has positive things to say on Oddworld’s ten‐year retrospective The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants:

The Art of Oddworld brings a collection of the best illustrations, sketches and renderings that have been created behind the walls of the creative workshop. 258 pages filled to bursting might be a trip into another world for some, a treasure box of ideas for others. Even when you are not a games fan you will be enthusiastic about this book with its queer fantasy characters, the extraterrestrial landscapes, the informative concept studies and the background knowledge about games development.

The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants was the fifth book published by Ballistic, and is their second‐best selling title outside of the EXPOSÉ series. Soft cover and limited editions are still available to purchase from the Ballistic website.

Sources: Ballistic Publishing


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