More Oddworld film art

Story 452 reported by Max on
Thursday, 15th November 2007 at 6·04 p.m. GMT

OddBlog is tremendously excited to be able to share two more production paintings from the very early stages of the Oddworld film. The first is by none other than Lorne Lanning, and the second is another piece by Raymond Swanland.

Once again, we must remind fans that the Oddworld film is only in pre‐production, and Oddworld Inhabitants are concentrating on the Citizen Siege feature film for the time being, so don’t expect to see trailers any time soon. This is just a special treat to remind fans that a return to Oddworld is still on its way.

Also, we understand that Matt Lee, who has recently been responding to mail from the Oddworld fan community, has still not caught up with our fan mail, but has every intention of doing so given time!

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