The Antisocial Network revealed

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Thursday, 14th January 2010 at 7·11 p.m. GMT

Lorne Lanning was a panelist on Play It 4-Ward's debate, hosted by Paul Hochman, about international policing of the Internet, alongside game designer Jason Rohrer, Facebook's chief privacy adviser Chris Kelly, and author Andrew Keen. Lorne takes a polar stance on the topic and extols the idea of citizens forming a watchdog to police authorities and governments.

When asked to define the perfect game, Lorne takes the opportunity to describe the current focus of his latest company, OddMobb. The Antisocial Network is designed for users to find their enemies and ‘lock and load,’ unleashing their real world angst so that ‘enemies can attract and engage in fun together’ and ‘grow closer.’ Further details at this time are unavailable, but the Antisocial Network will be opening as a closed beta in the coming months.

The Antisocial Network is the first new project to come out of OddMobb, a company comprising Lorne Lanning, Sherry McKenna, Larry Shapiro and Daniel Goldman, which was first exposed when it filed a number of trademarks with the USPTO, including ‘Online social networking services’. While not online yet, the company will soon have its own website.

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