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Friday, 16th July 2010 at 1·46 p.m. BST

English game developer studio Just Add Water has announced that it has been co-operating with Oddworld Inhabitants over the last 12 months and is currently working on four or five projects that will see a return to Oddworld.

While there are very few specifics, Just Add Water’s managing director Stewart Gilray told Glenn Percival, Joel Sherfinski and Josh Langford of the PS Nation Podcast the first project would see Abe but not on the PlayStation, and that he was hoping to reveal more in the next couple of weeks. Listen to the interview in Episode 173 of the PS Nation Podcast, ‘Portable Gravity’.

Just Add Water, whose popular retro-styled PSN shooter Gravity Crash is being released on the PSP soon this month, specializes in digital distribution, and like Gravity Crash the upcoming Oddworld games will not be released on physical media.

Stewart Gilray has also confirmed that the Twitter account AbeMudokon is official. Several keen followers had already put the pieces together, and video game blogs and forums were getting excited by Abe’s promises of ‘there's a new coming soon’ (confirmed by The Native on the Oddworld Forums) and ‘In less than 48hrs, the truth will start to come out.... Sssssssssh’. One exchange with a fellow Tweeter has him mention 2.5D, a possible gameplay style for a future game.

Other key accounts to follow on Twitter include those of Just Add Water and Steward Gilray.

Sources: Just Add Water, PS Nation Podcast, TheSixthAxis

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