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Vykkers Labs: "For Every Fuzzle's Cry We Learn Why"
Manufacturing fine consumer products for a really long time (trust us), Vykkers Labs is a hub of product innovation - be it improvements in Chlorine-Laxatives or Hyper-Caffeination - Vykkers Labs is at the vanguard. Started by famed intellectual pioneers in the science of Fuzzle Testing, Humphrey and Irwin Vykkers, Vykkers Labs is dedicated to making the world a better place at others expense. At the core of our development philosophy is testing on Fuzzles - an unexceptional, toothy form of critter common throughout Oddworld. Vykkers Labs is committed to using these furry pests in the development of a wealth of exciting and often safe new products. Remember our motto: "If we didn't test it on Fuzzles, we'd be testing it on you!"

Hack Alert!!!
Be on the lookout for Munch & Abe, perpetrators of the evil evil hacking of VykkersLabs.com. We have been able to fix most of the site, but they are still on the loose freeing Fuzzles. If sighted, contact Slig Security immediately. That is all.

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