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New Product Updates!
Vykkers Labs is pleased to announce the introduction of new Butt Flo Chunky Style. Replacing our short-lived Butt Flo Splatter Formula, Butt Flo Chunky promises to make a big impact in toilet bowls across Oddworld. Follow the awkwardly running crowds to your local grocery store Laxative aisle, today... Just watch where you step!


Tired of feeding your kids 2... sometimes even 3 times a day? Packed with calories and trans-fatty acids, Baby Chow will turn your "Toddler into a Waddler" in no time! Pull up the trough, junior, 'cause it's chow time... Baby Chow time, that is


Colon slowing you down? Tired of sitting through meetings with your legs uncomfortably crossed? Worried that the bathroom might be a step or two too far away? Well get with the Flow... Butt-Flo that is! Now available in new Chunky Style.

Chill Pill

Happiness! Now in a convenient tablet form.*

*ODA Warning: Chill Pill has been known to cause cramps, bloating, swelling of the joints, extreme diarrhea and in rare cases has actually worked. Please advise your local game store operator before taking. If you have any problems taking Chill Pill, please dial our toll free customer service hotline at 888 411 0 555 1212. Our customer service staff might act like Telephone Operators but they're just kidding. Promise! Chill Pill Dosage is an 18,000mg time-release tablet. Please take with 4 or more gallons of water promptly before bed time.


Ever notice the crow's feet around crotchety ole' Grand-Cousin Nelly's eyes? Ever gawk at the sickly wobble of Great-Uncle Cletus' gigantic spare tire of a belly? Ever see an 80 year old guy on a bench press? Well, we have too - so if you want to avoid these tragic consequences of old age might we suggest Lungbuster Cigs - smooth, refined and 100% carcinogenetic. Lungbuster: Who wants to grow old anyway?


Hey kids, tired of the same old sugary snacks? Need something sweet to get you to lunchtime? Well, now there's Gum-rot - a scientific revolution in man-made sweetening technology. Make your teeth melt with the unholy sweetness of a pure Gum-rot sugar rush. Gum-rot: Mother nature don't know d*&k about sweet!

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