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The News That Matters to Us
For the discriminating consumer who wants up-to-the-minute information on everything from toilet products that are approved for use with Butt Flo Chunky Style to the latest reports on our specialized lung replacement services, this is the place to look.

Fugitives Still on the Loose

Munch the Gabbit and and his stitch-lip pal Abe the Mudokon are still on the loose after hacking our Web site.  Slig Security is at even higher levels of alert than thought Vykkerly possible. While Vykkers Labs continues to not be concerned about the paltry efforts of Munch and Abe to interrupt the quality service Vykkers provides, our lawyers tell us we must at least mention they're out there. So there you go.

Gabbiar Shortage

In what some are already calling the greatest tragedy yet to strike the general population, the Gabbiar supply is reaching critical stages. The delicacy has been quickly consumed by hungry Glukkons, and the pitiful Gabbit species doesn't appear up to the task of supplying more. We'll have more information about this potential catastrophe in the coming months.

Interview with Your Heroes

Check out xbox.IGN.com for the latest interview with Abe and how he is helping his pal Munch end Fuzzle cruelty and the tyranny of Vykkers Labs. Read it, read it now.  POWER UPS TO THE PEOPLE!

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