August 2003


Vote Max for GD

Story 3 reported by Max on
Sunday, 24th August 2003 at 9·15 p.m. BST

Recent events on the Oddworld Forums have spawned a nominations phase for the installation of new mods. One new mod is needed to help Xavier take care of General Discussion. Current nominations indicate that Max the Mug (ie me) is going to be that lucky someone. Hence, I have created a page for the recognition and appreciation of all who show their support for this promotion on the Forums, which can be reached here.

If you would like to show your support, please nominate me in this thread. If you feel up to it, please also add the following code to your signature:

<center><span style="font-weight:bold"><font color='ff4800'>V</font><font color='ff5200'>O</font><font color='fe5d00'>T</font><font color='ff6800'>E</font><font color='ff7200'> </font><font color='ff7d00'>M</font><font color='fe8800'>A</font><font color='ff9300'>X</font><font color='fe9d00'> </font><font color='ffa800'>F</font><font color='ffb300'>O</font><font color='ffbd00'>R</font><font color='fec800'> </font><font color='ffd300'>G</font><font color='ffde00'>D</font></span></center>

It will show up like this:


Except it will look better on the blue blackground of the Forums.




Story 2 reported by Max on
Saturday, 23rd August 2003 at 9·14 p.m. BST

I’ve had the misfortune of severely misjudging time, and have about one week to get my entire geography coursework done. Unfortunately, the consequences on the Oddworld front are that development of my site is on hold for the moment. Apologies for the delay—​I know I’d promised to be open by the end of my holidays, but my holidays have passed faster than I suspected they would.

I met Pacen earlier today, he being an old and well respected member of the Oddworld Forums who stoped frequenting because of a harrowing exam period, but kind of lost interest in Oddworld, and eventually stopped coming. I thought I recognised ‘Pacen’ when I saw his email address, but it wasn’t until I spoke to him on MSN that I realised that’s who it was—​I thought it was Jacob of the Forums, and I have no idea why. Nor do I have any idea how I came across his email to add him to my contacts in the first place. I glanced through my Ask Max emails, the Exoddus Club and many of his posts on OWF, but although I could confirm that he’s had the same address for a couple of years, I couldn’t find anywhere I could have gotten it from.

Not much of a story, but it’s always nice knowing where old Oddworld fans are.



OddBlog created

Story 1 reported by Max on
Sunday, 17th August 2003 at 10·28 a.m. BST

I have decided to create a journal to express my Oddworld thoughts to avoid cluttering the News Station of The Oddworld Encyclopedia. I suppose it would also be prudent to include updates to the site here, as well as plans for the future. It has the added bonus of having a separate host, so if goes down (which it frequently does) I’ll still be able to add news here. Feel free to leave comments, as all feedback is welcome.

I wrote 32 new articles for TOE on Friday, and yesterday began typing them up for uploading. Sadly, a computer crash wiped out two‐thirds of all my work, leaving me to re‐type a dozen articles again, some of which I had re‐worded fairly significantly. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish off that today and begin uploading the new articles.


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