September 2003


Max made mod

Story 4 reported by Max on
Tuesday, 23rd September 2003 at 9·28 p.m. BST

Yes, nominations and votes have been callibrated and calculated, and Max, aka Billy Squeek, aka Buncey is the new moderator of general Oddworld discussion at the Oddworld Forums, helping Xavier to elliminate spam, prevent flooding and flaming, and avoid useless clutter clogging up the message tables. Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who voted for me.

In other news, I returned home today to find a yellow envelope waiting for me. Interestingly enough, it was from Alf at Oddworld Inhabitants. While searching a storage cupboard, he happened across some Munch’s Oddysee stickers, which he has been kind enough to distribute throughout the loyal fans who signed up to Alf’s Fanclub and Tea. I was somewhat surprised to see the name ‘Max Muggledarner’ on the envelope, as I haven’t used that name in months. What’s more, OWI themselves know my real name. I guess they just grabbed the moniker from the sign‐in information, which obviously hasn’t been updated. No worries, I just noticed it.

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