August 2006


Lorne in October

Story 407 reported by Max on
Wednesday, 23rd August 2006 at 1·04 a.m. BST

Lorne Lanning will be making a couple of appearances this October.

The first will be as a panelist at Future Play 2006, in a presentation entitled ‘North American Indigenous Imagery and Identity in the Game World.’ Future Play is an exposition exploring the technology, artistry, impacts and applications of future game development over a three day period, and this panel presentation will take place from 10·30 a.m. EDT on 10th October at the London Convention Centre, London, Ontario, Canada. His fellow panelists will be Beth A. Dillon, Dr J. R. Parker, Andy Schatz and Donna Woldanski.

The second appearance will be in Nottingham, U.K., where Lorne will be delivering the keynote speech at GameCity, a city‐wide festival of interactive entertainment. This talk will help shine light on the convergence of the film, television and game genres, and on the intrinsic challenges of using games as a medium for activism. GameCity lasts from 25th to 29th October. Expect a more precise time for Lorne’s speech in the official press release soon!

In addition, Lorne has penned the introduction to one of Stephan Martinière’s upcoming art books.


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