June 2007


GameCity 2007 dates announced

Story 424 reported by Max on
Thursday, 7th June 2007 at 11·20 a.m. BST

GameCity has announced that this year’s festival will be taking place in Nottingham, U.K. from 24–​28 October, 2007. The event, celebrating interactive entertainment and video game culture, premiered in 2006, when Lorne Lanning announced Oddworld Inhabitants’ partnership with Vanguard Animation to develop the Citizen Siege CGI film. OddBlog was there to cover the announcement and interview Lorne and Sherry McKenna.

The GameCity festival is a ‘grassroots’ event aimed at students looking to enter the video game industry. Although this year’s programme has not yet been announced, a spokesman told GameSpot it would include ‘an even stronger lineup of developers from Europe, the US, and Japan… and some slightly off‐the‐wall stuff too.’ Lorne Lanning said of last year’s event that ‘GameCity looks poised to become our industry’s first “Sundance”. A truly unique approach for hosting a game festival that seems long overdue.’

Sources: GameSpot and GameCity


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