March 2008


Lorne talks concepting on Full Moon Show

Story 463 reported by Max on
Friday, 21st March 2008 at 12·09 p.m. GMT

Lorne Lanning has been interviewed by James Stevenson for the twenty‐second episode of Insomniac Games’ Full Moon Show, where he talks about concepting for video games and films. Lorne describes the difference between designing stories and characters for games and for films, and talks about how unrestrained focus on graphic realism and big‐name actors is showing up current technical limitations of CGI and diluting characters’ emotional extremity.

Lorne’s interview is so long that the second half, in which he talks more about Citizen Siege, will be available in the next episode of the Full Moon Show, available from 3 April.

Sources: Insomniac Games

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Citizen Siege pitch art revealed

Story 462 reported by Max on
Monday, 17th March 2008 at 2·58 p.m. GMT

OddBlog is pleased to present an exclusive round of Citizen Siege production paintings by Raymond Swanland, used by Lorne to pitch the film to prospective publishers and developers. The paintings can be found in the latest OddBlog Special, ‘A glimpse of Citizen Siege’.

Some of these images have previously appeared in Iain Simon’s 2007 book Inside Game Design, recently scanned by Alcar, but now these and three exclusive extras in available in much greater resolution.

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