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Abe is the original and first hero of the Oddworld Quintology, branded the messiah of his people and the saviour of Oddworld. Once content to the life of slavery he was hatched into, Abe now fights against the extortionate corporate families of Oddworld and liberates his Mudokon brothers from slavery and oppression, from his unborn breathren to his deceased ancestors. 15 years old, his full name is Abraham Lure.


Currently Abe is the social leader of the Free Mud Party, the Mudokons' uprising against their captors, the Magog Cartel, sometimes termed Abe's Marching Mudokons. Usually he follows the suggestions and instruction of religious and spiritual figures like the Raisin and the Weirdos, usually operating alone but occassionally aided by a band of his friends called Abe's Crew, including his best friend Alf. More recently, though, he has been accompanied by the Gabbit Munch after finding out their destinies lie together.

The typical model of Abe's success is to infiltrate a Glukkon factory or other faccility and sabotage it from the inside, with the assistance of the Scrubs working inside. He may shut down the power supply, explode the boilers or reservoirs of fuel, or possess the CEO and simply drain the company’s funds. Before he completes this, Abe makes sure to liberate the slaves. Noramlly Abe concerns himself with his Mudokon brothers, both those currently employed and the unhatched eggs of those that will be norn into slavery, but he has been persuaged by ghosts to take care of the souls and remains of the long-deceased.

Currently, Abe is appeciating a vaccation in Necrum, as ordered by the Raisin, but is expressing sadness at the imprisonment of the Mudokon mother Sam.


Abe is a Mudokon and has all the usual mental capacity that brings: he is slow-witted, lazy and optimistic. He also lacks imagination, logic, intelligence and confidence. His primary mental aid is his powerful sense of morality, and in experiencing more and more of the injustices performed both against and by his people he attains the motivation and sheer dedication he needs to rise up to his role as the Mudokon messiah. He can become resourceful and cunning when faced with a challenge, even able to hack into security features such as those found in RuptureFarms' ball cars. He is a determined paccifist, strongly opposed to any kind of violence, and strives to avoid confrontations and apply more stealthy tactics. While deeply sadened by his plight, he remains hopeful and optimistic. Some accuse him of being a dreamer, but Abe unashamedly draws no line between reality and fantasy.


Abe weighs 92 lbs and is 5' 8" tall. Just like other Mudokons, he is equal parts clumbsy and nimble. His large hands and feet make his step heavy and his posture poor, but he can expertly scale walls with his bare paws and leap almost gracefully between travel wells—sometimes. He has a tendency to fall down cliffs and pits. Abe is easily discernable amongst a crowd of fellow Mudokons, for his skin is blue (or rather, a purplish-green), his eyes are bloodshot, and he keeps his ponytail tied up and his lips sewn together. He retains his lip stitches as a reminder of his past, motivation for the present, and a kind of medal of honour despite the demeaning nickname of Stitch Lips he endures. His skin is covered by three mystical tattoos that grow over his body gradually: one on the back of each hand and one on his chest, granted to him by the Big Face and the Weirdos respectively.


Abe's arsenal consists of his supernatural mental abilities. His most important power is that of possession: Abe can enter the mind of any creature of reasonable intelligence (though he dispells this limitation constantly) and control their actions. This allows him to make use of whatever power or resources that character has, employ the assistance of his victim’s friends or work colleagues, and clear safe paths. While to begin with depossession usually resulted in an explosive end to the possessee, Abe has been able to refine his touch and leave much less destructively. He has also been improving his degree of control, allowing him much greater likelihood of influencing the societies he spies on. Recently he was gifted with the ability to form possession orbs by the Almighty Raisin, a ball of consciousness that allows Abe to scout the area for a short period of time, whereas before he could only do this by possessing his own farts.

The tattoos that Abe wears imbue him with other powers, but usually these are only options to him when circumstances allow. Grateful Mudokon spirits have gifted him with invisibility for short periods, transformation into the Mudokon god Shrykull comes from the occassional special bird portal, and helper Mudokons do grant Abe with spirit rings and healing power should he need them.


Early Life

Abe was hatched from one of Sam's Labor Eggs in the nursery of RuptureFarms 1029; like others before and around him, his lips were sewn together to prevent him from speaking (though Alf tells us that Abe was a particularly noisy baby), and he was raised into slavery (possibly by a Foster Slig as Alf was), but completely oblivious of any other way of life. His signed employee manual was later discovered in mint condition and put on auction. He worked as a Floor Waxer, First Class for 15 years before he was awarded with the title "Employee of the Year", then uncovered a secret Glukkon business strategy to succeed in a failing market.

Abe's Oddysee

Working late at RuptureFarms, Abe passed a advertisement billboard for the upcoming latest product in the Tasty Treats line of snacks, and succumbed to curiosity by eavesdropping the factory's annual board meeting. Since wildlife resources were becoming depleted, his boss—Molluck the Glukkon—decided to turn to a readily available source of meat, the Mudokon slaves that worked in the factory. Understandably panicked, Abe instantly took flight and escaped from his workplace by hiding in a barrel on a production line, then evading the sharp-eyed security surrounding RuptureFarms. No sooner had he passed the outer most perimeter did he discover what is now known as Abe's Moon, a large moon whose face bears the shape of a Mudokon paw. Raising his hand to it, the cliff edge beneath his feet crumbled, and Abe fell to the ground beneath, smashed his skull and died.

His body was approached by the Mudokons' spiritual leader, the Big Face, who resurrected Abe and told him how the Mudokon race once lived freely with nature before they were enslaved by the Glukkons, and how their sacred animals were the very same ones being captured, slaughtered and processed to manufacture Tasty Treats. He then revealed that prophecies foretold of a saviour who would appear, and that to test his worth he would be sent to the nesting sites of the Paramites and the Scrabs to relight the holy flames that were extinguished by the Glukkons. With the aid of his pet Elum, Abe traversed the forest and the desert to reach each temple in turn, and after completing the trials of each was invited to the initiation ceremonies, in which the backs of each hand were scarred with mystic tattoos.

With both hand scars, Abe was able to invoke the power of the Mudokon god Shrykull and infiltrate his former workplace, RuptureFarms, where he evaded heightened security measures to rescue every last fellow slave through bird portals. Abe broke into the board room and killed the entire board of executives before finally being captured by Slig security and taken to a holding cell, where he had enough time to pour over the last day before facing execution. Luckily, his good actions had impressed the holy Mudokons, who fired energy beams at Molluck and his assistant. Big Face then teleported Abe to the Monsaic Sanctum, where he received a hero's welcome from the Mudokons he had rescued.

Abe's Exoddus

To be continued…

Munch's Oddysee

To be continued…


Throughout his career as a revolutionary and saviour, Abe has performed many important deeds, including: