Monsaic Lines

From Oddworld Library

The Monsaic Lines are the holy caves of the Mudokons. Long ago they were attended by devout Mudokons and those that belonged to cults and secret societies as a way to explore their culture and spirituality. Today, while its original purpose remains, it is used as a tool to help Mudokons corrupted by the ways of the industrial world to discover their legacy and learn to cooperate with nature. Mudokons that are rescued from slavery by bird portals are first taken to the Monsaic Sanctum, hidden within the caverns.

The structure of Monsaic Lines consists of a large number of individual land masses held together only by a massive system of plant roots. Below everything is a large water reservoir that makes the air humid, allowing rock faces to become overgrown with mosses. The cave walls are decorated with ancient rock art that communicates with the modern day, and huge statues carved in stone dominate the views, of Elums, Scrabs, Paramites and even Mudokons, such as the two praying figures that guard the entire to Monsaic Lines. The age‐old foretelling of prophets are inscribed within story stones. Every piece of art is preserved by Shamans.

Even today, the Lines remain virtually untouched by industrial forces, only the occasional Slig finding itself lost. The atmosphere is peaceful and serene, heightened by the background music of chanting Mudokons.