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Sligs are the blue‐collar security grunts employed by the Magog Cartel to guard their factories as well as hunt game and enslave native Mudokons. They do not have legs so are equipped with mechanical legs, and are forced to wear masks to cover up what Glukkons consider to be ugly faces. These masks also aid the Sligs’ eyesight and act as filters to the many airborne pollutants in Oddworld’s industrial air to which Sligs are highly allergic.

Banal work earns Sligs wages, which they spend on coffee and cigarettes when the management isn’t looking, or else save up to upgrade their own firepower, the primary status symbol in Slig culture. Hard‐working Sligs may also be promoted to airborne Flying Sligs fitted with flying harnesses, steroid‐injected Big Bro sentry guards, or snobby recruits of the Slig Air Corps. Sligs may also break out of security work to become soldiers, personal assistants, operators or even entertainers. Sligs with a high work ethic can sign themselves into the Slig Barracks or Slaughter School, the latter of which awards Sligs their own name upon graduation.

Through merciless aggressive training, Sligs are able to command Slogs as vicious security animals. The relationship between Sligs and Slogs is considered wholesome. Sligs evolved from swamp‐dwelling slug‐like creatures.


Sligs are highly sociable and will gather to chat, play cards and gamble. They are also lazy and sadistic, and will compete for remote posts where they can sleep on the job and beat Mudokon slaves with their rifle butts. However, Sligs that are found to be harassing Mudokons, lazing about or misusing their equipment will have a report filed. These reports eventually find their way to Skillya. Garner too many reports and a Slig will be taken off duty in order to report themselves to her Majesty’s lair while Skillya concocts and revises her soup recipes.

Sligs are highly impressed by anyone wielding larger or more exotic weaponry than themselves, and will blindly follow the instructions of well‐armed superiors. A Slig of inferior status issuing orders to higher‐ranking guards will be ignored or mocked. Sligs do love their jobs, though, and will persue violators of Glukkon regulations, runaway slaves and Mudokon terrorists with persistence, determination and itchy trigger fingers.


Born with the tendency to love and nurture those around them, Sligs are leased out to the Magog Cartel shortly after birth by Queen Skillya following suitable hardened in the Slig Birthing Complex. They are issued with various arms—​consumer goods guns, tear gas and the commonplace Blunderbuss—​but not taught how to operate them efficiently, and are shunted into a security guard position with no training. Mutant grubs are destroyed.


A Slig’s status is determined by his weapon and sheilding which he must pay for out of his own wages.

  • Crawling Slig

The lowliest Slig is the one not wearing his pants or wings. Sligs are not permited to sleep with their pants off because of their vulnarability. *Slacker A Slig with no weapons, but at least wearing pants.

  • Bouncer

A Slig armed with a baton.

  • Popper

The most common weapon owned by Sligs is the shotgun‐like Blunderbuss.

  • Magnum

A Slig carrying the large weapon of the same name, and wearing a more advanced mask.

  • Big Whammy

Wearing the above mask but equipped with the multi‐barreled Big Whammy gun.

  • Big Bro

Sligs can give their careers a real boost by getting injected with steroids and becoming soldier‐class Big Bro Sligs. These hulking brutes are typically fitted with four‐legged mechanical pants, combination night vision goggles and gas mask, full body armour and a wrist‐worn tactical combat device. One known status of Big Bro Slig is ‘Pray N Spray’.

  • Flying Slig

Unlike their ground‐bound friends, Flying Sligs do not laze about or goof off. Instead of mechanical legs, the snobby finger‐pointing members of the First Brigade are strapped to rotating propellers (which replaced an earlier, less efficient flapping‐wing model) flown by two control sticks, and can rain grenades onto the floor below.

  • Slig Air Corps

This is for the elite Flying Sligs. These flyboys dual‐pilot helicopters capable of carrying bombs.

  • Slig Tank

Sligs can also drive Slig Tanks, though the drivers and gunners inside are likely typical worker‐class soldiers.