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New Fan Art Section!
Abe's fans are drawing (and tattooing, in some cases) up a storm! Head over to the just-opened Fan Art Gallery to check out their efforts.

The Belly of Odd is Brewing With Two New & Twisted Children!

Munch's Oddysee
May Odd Help You! It's the second installment in the Oddworld Quintology and it's like nothing you've never seen or played before. Come on in and have a gander at the future of Odd.

Hand of Odd
Feed it or Bleed it! Save or Enslave it! Grow or Mow it! Hug or Mug it! It's Greedy Industrialists versus hairy ECO Extrmeists on a world gone Odd!

Hello! Welcome to, the official online presence of Oddworld Inhabitants and all of our games. Follow me!

At long last, Abe's Exoddus for both the PC and PlayStation game console has shipped. Tying in with the launch of this utterly spectabulous game is yet another update to We've loaded the site to the brim with new content, just waiting to be experienced by Oddworld-ophiles the world over. I bet you're saying "What kinda' new content you talkin 'bout, Willis?" To wit, we reply: FAQ
We've sorted through the thousands of emails that have been filling up our in-boxes and decided to compile a FAQ (list of frequently asked questions with answers) to ease your curious brains. If you've emailed us with a dire question about the site or about the game, or if you're thinking of writing in, the FAQ is required reading.

Oddworld Universe
It's finally up! And - oh boy - is it good. Think of it kind of like "Everything you wanted to know about Oddworld....but were afraid to ask."

History of Oddworld
Over in the Universe section, we've got a really interesting piece up on the History of the strange land known as Oddworld. If you're curious about this place, you need to check it out.

Also populating the Oddworld Universe is neat little wing we call the Gallery. In it, you'll find tons of the art that has separated Oddworld games from the rest.

The Development section is - at long last - live, launching with an interview of Paul O'Connor, lead game designer at Oddworld Inhabitants. This is the first in a series of interviews that eventually fill this section of the site.

Dear Alf
If you've played Exoddus, then you know who Alf is (he's the lovable scamp who runs Alf's Rehab and Tea). Well, his advice shop is open for stop by and send him a letter. You might win sumpin'!

Playing the Odds
Our contest area is open....take a swing by if you're interested in, oh I don't know - FREE STUFF!

Hints & Tips
Stuck in Exoddus? Need a little help? Our advice section just opened its doors with a few tasty tid-bits for ya.

Wanna know a little bit more about the rich and varied folk that make up the population of Abe's Exoddus? Then take a pit-stop over at the "Inhabitants" section of the Abe's Exoddus site, where you'll find out everything you could possibly want to about this unwholesome bunch.

SoulStorm Brew
The Brewery is open and giving tours! Take a swing buy the manufacturing plant of Oddworld's most beloved beverage and take a look behind the scenes. See excerpts from the employee hand guide, read excerpts from VP Aslik's autobiography, "I Aslik," and understand how SoulStorm has managed to slip its stranglehold over all of Oddworld!

If you wanna check out how - exactly - Abe's Exoddus kicks the butt of all its competition, then you need to take a gander at this. All of the revolutionary features introduced by Oddworld Inhabitants are highlighted for your previewing pleasure.

Wow! That's A LOT o' stuff....and you've got a lot of reading pleasure ahead! So, without further adieu, take a look around. And, above all else, enjoy!