Oddworld Intro

From Oddworld Library

Excepting company logos, ‘Oddworld Intro’ is the first FMV watched when playing Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, as well as the very first depiction of Oddworld. It contains no characters or plot, but simply introduces the title of the game while establishing its style. It precedes the main menu. Its duration is 39 seconds.


After the Oddworld Inhabitants logo, the words ‘Oddworld Inhabitants’ appear on a parchment of skin suspended on a freely-hanging wooden frame that also holds a number of naked flames. The camera pans up to reveal another parchment that reads ‘presents’, and then a third, which reads ‘An A.L.I.V.E. experience’. The frame then drops away and the camera pans forward into the Paramonian Temple until the screen has faded to black. Then, the Abe’s Oddysee rock logo appears as the word ‘Oddworld’ is written above it, backlit by purple sparks. The image then distorts, as though bubbles were breaking the surface of water, and fades to black.