Paramonian Temple

From Oddworld Library

The Paramonian Temple lies at the heart of Paramonia, built around the Paramites’ nesting site to test the nerves and abilities of Mudokons. It is built like a gigantic tepee with petrified wooden timbers, long enough to span the temple’s height, from its rock base to its truncated top. Vines are wound together, tying the massive structure together. Wooden lintels retain its shape, and protrude from the outer wall like moss‐covered tusks. Tree trunks are used as columns, and are intricately carved in ways too advanced for modern Mudokons to replicate. The approach to the temple is suspended high above the forest floor and is marked by erected sticks, signifying Mudokon graves, and a set of impressive wooden gateways.

The inside of the temple has been desiccated by the industrialists. Sligs and their Slogs still guard walkways and the holy fires that were extinguished years ago before being relit by Abe. Routes are booby trapped at every turn with falling rocks, rolling boulders, dead ends, crystal‐activated shadow locks and huge swinging pendulums. Meat sacks are liberally placed, offering chunks of meat to distract Paramites with. The damp, dark environment has encouraged the Paramites to construct vast webs and cocoons.